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The Summer of Drones

Summer of Drones was a crazy good idea. Unfortunately a tad too crazy and due to time & sponsorship problems we have to stop it before it really begins. We are really incredibly sorry and heartbroken that we could not deliver on this idea and we did not take this decision lightly, but the situation we faced wouldn't have allowed us to run Summer of Drones without putting too much risk on everyone.

This means that Summer of Drones will not happen this year and this site will go inactive.

NodeCopter is alive & kicking!

Don't worry, NodeCopter is not dead. There will be a lot of NodeCopter events all over the world thanks to our amazing organizers. And you can help bring a NodeCopter event to your city. Just head over to, get excited, start hacking right away and bring NodeCopter to your city eventually.

All the resources are open source and as time allows we'll continue to work on it. Your contributions are welcome too.

Thank you for all your excitment & support — see you at a NodeCopter event somehwere,

- The Core Team (Felix, Robin, Thorsten, Tim)