Yuneec Q500 Flipping on Takeoff (Reasons and How to Fix It)

Yuneec Q500 Flipping on Takeoff (Reasons and How to Fix It)

Yuneec drones have change into fairly a preferred mannequin for pilots worldwide, and for good purpose. Particularly widespread is the Yuneec Q500 drone that packs lots of options and affords a easy and secure flight for grabbing wonderful photographs and movies from the air. If you’re studying this, you most likely personal one such drone. Perhaps you have got powered up your drone, and as you enhance the throttle, your drone lifts off however then immediately flips over. You’re questioning what the trigger is and how one can repair it.

You can repair the issue of your Yuneec Q500 flipping over by adjusting the next: 

  • Turn off Turtle mode 
  • Check that propellers and motors are spinning in the appropriate path
  • Firmly tighten propeller nuts 
  • Properly calibrate ESC 
  • Check that motor screws aren’t touching the motor windings

Let’s look extra in-depth at every of those steps to take to resolve the problem together with your Yuneec Q500. With a bit of luck, we’ll resolve why it’s flipping, and ensure it doesn’t maintain occurring.

Several causes could also be answerable for your Yuneec Q500 drone flipping over after takeoff. The first step in fixing the issue is troubleshooting which can show you how to establish the trigger and repair it instantly. The excellent news is that it’s often simple to repair, and now we have highlighted a few of the high causes your drone could also be behaving this fashion. 

Let’s take a better look.

1. Turtle mode is enabled accidentally

This is without doubt one of the most missed explanation why your Yuneec Q500 drone could also be flipping after takeoff. Just because the title suggests, turtle mode means the drone’s motors are set to function at a slower rotation. However, if this slower pace is unintentionally activated throughout takeoff, it received’t be capable of generate the pace essential to take off. 

If you unintentionally activate turtle mode in your Yuneec Q500 drone throughout takeoff, it may well trigger the drone to flip over. The simple repair to that is to verify your pace slider is ready to a mid to excessive fee of pace throughout take-off.

2. Propellers are spinning within the unsuitable path

For a drone to maneuver correctly, there’s a explicit spinning order of the propellers that pushes the drone ahead, sideways, and so forth. Any propellers which can be spinning within the unsuitable path could cause your Yuneec Q500 drone to flip over throughout takeoff. 

Usually, in your quadcopter to fly correctly, the left diagonal propellers should spin in a clockwise path, whereas the appropriate diagonal propellers ought to be spinning within the anticlockwise path. Anything completely different from this may trigger your drone to flip over throughout takeoff.

To repair this, be sure you have the right propeller put in on every nook. If you’ve needed to exchange a propeller not too long ago, be sure you put the right substitute on. Check your proprietor’s guide to be sure you’ve acquired all the appropriate propellers in the appropriate locations. 

3. Motors are spinning within the unsuitable path

The motors of your quadcopter ought to be spinning in the appropriate path (see above part). Some Yuneec Q500 drones might have defective motors that spin within the unsuitable path, and this will likely trigger the drone to flip throughout takeoff. Just one motor spinning within the unsuitable path is sufficient to flip your complete drone over.

If you suppose that one motor is spinning within the unsuitable path on account of a defective motor, this ought to be lined by your guarantee. Contact the producer for a restore or substitute

4. Loose propeller nuts

For your drone to take off correctly, it requires tight propeller nuts for thrust and elevate technology. Loose propeller nuts will imply the propellers aren’t tightly connecting to the motors, and received’t be capable of generate any elevate. If it’s solely occurring on one or two corners, this will trigger your Yuneec Q500 drone to flip over throughout takeoff. 

This is why it’s crucial that the propeller nuts are fastened in place, and so they don’t transfer throughout takeoff or mid-flight, or your drone would possibly find yourself flipping over. Check that every one the propeller nuts are securely tightened, however watch out to not overtighten and find yourself stripping the threads.

5. Motor screws touching motor windings

Some Yuneec Q500 drones may have lengthy motor screws, and in some instances, these lengthy screws can find yourself coming in touch with the motor windings. If that is the case together with your Yuneec drone, then the probabilities are that it’s answerable for your drone flipping over throughout takeoff.

If your drone’s motor screws contact the motor windings, it may well trigger {an electrical} brief within the motor, which causes overheating within the motor. This might trigger it to fry itself or the ESC. The factor is that it’s arduous to pay attention to this malfunction, so a eager inspection of the drone is required to establish this drawback.

If you watched that lengthy screws might have brought about such an issue, seek the advice of a technician on how the scale will be lowered or get new ones in your Yuneec Q500 drone. This also needs to hopefully be lined underneath your guarantee.

6. Improper ESC calibration

If your drone flips over throughout takeoff, then your Yuneec Q500’s ESC will be the wrongdoer. The ESC connects your drone’s flight controller to the motor. It takes the sign from the flight controller and energy from the battery to make the motor spin. 

The Yuneec Q500 drone has 4 motors that spin, and which means 4 completely different ESCs should be working in sync. If all of the ESCs will not be correctly synchronized, then your drone will probably flip over throughout takeoff. 

The approach to cope with this trigger is to calibrate your drone’s ESCs earlier than flying. You can verify the person guide for recommendations on how to do that.

In conclusion, comply with the above ideas, and your Yuneec Q500 drone ought to cease flipping each time you attempt taking off. If the issue persists, contact the producer or a technician that can assist you out. 

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