Why is the Propeller of My DJI Drone Rotating Too Fast? (Solved)

Why is the Propeller of My DJI Drone Rotating Too Fast? (Solved)

Propellers are one of the crucial vital elements of drones as they supply raise to your plane. Any challenge with the propellers will have an effect on the efficiency of your drone, and a standard downside with drone propellers is when they’re rotating too quick. In this text, we’ll check out what overspeeding propellers imply to your drone and the seemingly causes of this downside. 

Your propellers will rotate too quick when they’re broken and the conventional physics of the propellers is affected. Damaged propellers produce much less raise and might want to spin sooner to attempt to assist the drone.

In the previous, it was tough to know when the propellers had been shifting too quick however current DJI updates now warn you of overspending propellers by giving a ‘Motor Speed Error’ message. 

There have been arguments amongst DJI drone customers that the ‘Motor Speed Error’ notification is a bug. Some individuals will even go as far as downgrading their firmware to take away the message. But downgrading your firmware solely removes the message and the issue together with your propeller will persist. And don’t be shocked when your drone falls out of the sky at some point. 

What is the reason for the “Motor Speed Error” message?

As we already established, bent or broken propellers are the rationale why you get a propeller or motor pace error, because the propellers will rotate very quick to compensate for the lowered raise they supply. 

Your propellers might grow to be bent or broken for those who don’t retailer them correctly or for those who crash your drone in opposition to a wall, tree, or every other object.

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How to repair a motor pace error notification

When you get the ‘Motor pace error’ message in your DJI drone, land your plane as quickly as attainable. With your plane safely on the bottom, examine your drone for any seen indicators of injury. If you see a bent propeller, you may try and straighten it after which fly the drone to see if the error message persists or not. 

However, in case your propellers are considerably broken, bent, or chipped, the one choice obtainable to you is to interchange the propellers as they’re past being salvaged. Flying with broken propellers is counterproductive in the long term as you danger long-term injury to your drone’s motors from having to overwork, or injury to your batteries from inflicting them to empty too quick. The worst-case state of affairs is a drone falling from the sky. 

How to stop propellers from being broken

To stop injury to your drone propellers, fly your drone in a big, open area the place there’s minimal danger of colliding the drone with bushes, buildings, and so forth. You can even use propeller guards to maintain your propellers away from objects. And in case you are flying in an space the place there are objects your drones can collide it, fly rigorously to keep away from collision because it’s nearly sure to wreck your propellers or different elements of the drone. 

Another solution to shield your propellers from being broken or bent is to correctly retailer the propellers while you’re not flying. Read our article on how to properly store drones. Make certain your propellers are both eliminated utterly or folded horizontally so they don’t seem to be pressed down or crushed throughout transportation. 

You must be additional conscious of the way you place your drone while you intend to retailer the drone for a very long time. If not, the propellers could also be pressed down for a very long time which can deform or injury them. 

It’s frequent to see rear arm propellers getting bent or broken in comparison with the entrance propellers. This will be prevented through the use of beneficial storage instances just like the comfortable case included within the Fly More Combo. This lets you rotate the decrease propellers of the carried out in direction of the route of the gimbal or parallel to at least one one other. In this place, the propellers usually are not beneath rigidity within the case. 

You must also keep away from placing the drone and battery contained in the case instantly after flying. This is to stop the warmth from the plane or battery from warping the propellers

How to interchange drone propellers?

Propellers which might be broken, distorted, cracked, or have unfastened screws have to get replaced. Replacing drone propellers isn’t a tough job particularly in case you are a DIY particular person and know your means round your drone.

You will want the unique screwdriver and screws within the package deal of your drone while you need to exchange the propellers. A pair of propellers will probably be mounted clockwise whereas the second pair will probably be put in on the motor counterclockwise. Check your handbook to ensure you’re placing the right propellers on the right motors.

Below are easy steps to interchange your propellers:

Step 1: Remove the screws on the propeller utilizing a screwdriver. Place the screwdriver on the cross recess of the screw and switch it counter-clockwise to unscrew. 

It’s beneficial you exchange the pair of propellers on the identical motor for flight stability. Discard the previous propellers and screws after you take away them. 

Step 2: Depending on the mannequin of your drone, you’ll need to take away the thread locker within the screw gap earlier than attaching the brand new propeller. Inspect the screw gap to test if it’s clear and if it’s not, screw the previous screws out and in a few occasions to wash it, or wipe it out with a pipe cleaner.

Step 3: It’s time to place the brand new screws into the screw holes utilizing the screwdriver. Make certain the screws are correctly aligned earlier than you screw them in. The screwdriver will probably be positioned within the cross recesses of the screws and turned clockwise. 

Step 4: You ought to have the ability to drive the screws in with none vital resistance. However, for those who encounter sturdy resistance, examine the screws to make sure they’re inserted correctly. Also, test if there’s filth within the screw holes however this shouldn’t be an issue for those who’ve cleaned the screw holes as we prompt earlier. 

Step 5: Tighten the screws. To do that, you’ll need to press the motor down and drive within the screws till they’re firmly in place. 

Step 6: Now that the screws are in place, gently (emphasis on gently!) pull the propeller to verify they’re tightly hooked up to the motor. You can flip your drone to at least one facet to see in case your propellers rotate easily, which it ought to for those who mount it correctly. 

Step 7 (non-obligatory): Order new propeller replacements on Amazon in order that the subsequent time you’ll want to change your propellers you might have some available.

If you observe this process, you’ll don’t have any downside changing your propellers. 

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