Why Do Drones Have Red Lights? (Basics Explained)

Why Do Drones Have Red Lights? (Basics Explained)

You might have seen pink lights on among the outdoors panels of your drone (or on one out on the park), and questioned what they signify. Drones are complicated items of kit, and have a number of settings and modes that can be utilized for various makes use of, so the lights that you could see displayed on the drone maintain fairly a bit of serious info for customers. So, what do the pink lights on a drone imply?

Red LED lights on a drone might point out battery ranges, warnings, and errors, or might denote sure flight modes as nicely. Other colours on the drone, together with inexperienced, blue, and white, and sometimes orange/yellow and purple can point out extra info to the consumer as nicely.

Although pink lights on a drone might point out quite a lot of info for customers, there are literally much more colours that flash in varied methods to point various things. Stick round to seek out out the fundamentals of drone LED lights, in addition to what they could imply for drone customers. 

Red lights on a drone are used to tell customers of varied issues or warnings, however the specifics might differ barely relying on the precise make and mannequin of the drone. In most instances, these coloration codes and patterns could also be defined within the guide, however there are some things that pink lights generally signify. The flashing sample of the lights also can convey sure details about warnings or settings.  

Low battery

If the pink lights are flashing slowly at a tempo of round each 3 seconds, this generally signifies that the battery is low or has fallen underneath 10.9V. Users ought to use this indication as a warning that the drone might run out of energy quickly, which necessitates that they need to be charged. Users might not be capable of return residence with the battery at such ranges. 

Critically low battery

If the pink lights are flashing quickly, that is often a warning to point that the battery is about to expire of cost or has fallen under 10.6V. If your drone is flashing pink lights quickly throughout flight, and the trigger is that the battery is reaching critically low ranges, this does pose the chance of the drone dropping to the bottom mid-flight. 

If you see this warning gentle, it’s a good suggestion to attempt to land the drone instantly wherever it’s to keep away from a dangerous fall to the bottom.

IMU errors

When a drone is flashing pink lights periodically, it might additionally point out that there’s a difficulty with the IMU, which can have to be addressed to ensure that the drone to regain correct efficiency and performance. 

Critical errors

If a drone merely has a pink gentle that’s not flashing however is stable, it might point out a crucial error that wants pressing consideration. These errors might vary of their particular natures, however a constant pink gentle is commonly the commonest approach to warn customers that there’s an error that must be addressed. 

Return Home Mode

Although there are lots of indicators of warnings and errors that use a pink gentle, it’s not at all times an emergency sign. Some drones may show a stable pink gentle when the Return Home mode is energetic. 

Agility Mode

Some drone fashions might show flashing pink lights in various patterns when coming into agility mode. In instances with regular operations and GPS locked, the pink lights might all be stable. However, if GPS is misplaced, the pink lights might flash quickly for two seconds, after which it could flash as soon as each second. 

Zone or Altitude Warnings

For some drones, a pink gentle might seem in flashing variants to point that there could also be a difficulty with the encompassing space. It might talk varied components to warn pilots of dangerous or hazardous zones, or to tell them that they’re flying at harmful altitudes.

Drones make the most of alternating coloured LED lights to show quite a lot of info, a few of which additionally alternate with pink in varied methods. The most typical LED colours utilized in drones aside from pink are inexperienced, blue, and white. Some drones might have extra colours similar to orange/yellow and purple for different makes use of.


Green lights are often used to point the battery stage at startup, starting from full inexperienced indicating a full battery to half inexperienced half pink indicating 50% battery, for instance. A stable inexperienced gentle generally signifies a robust GPS connection on many drones as nicely. Green can be used when coming into Smart Mode with GPS lock which can flash quickly for two seconds after which it could flash each second. 


Blue lights typically point out Blind Mode upon startup, or when coming into Stability Mode with GPS lock which can flash quickly for two seconds after which it could flash each second.


White lights are used to point that the transmitter is off or will not be sure to the drone, or to indicate that emergency mode is energetic upon startup. Solid white lights might point out that the GPS is off in Smart, AP, or Return Home modes. White is utilized in alternating flashes with different colours when GPS is misplaced in Stability and Agility modes. 

Anti-collision lights

These could also be blinking or stable, and the colour can vary between inexperienced, white, or pink, relying on the drone. Some drones even provide the choice to alter the colour of those lights to your preferences, in order that they’re seen in various lighting settings and eventualities. These lights are primarily for security causes as they make the drone much more seen to you and others within the space, which is why the FAA requires that they be used throughout twilight and nighttime hours.

Navigation lights

The navigation lights on a drone are stable and constant, and they don’t flash in any respect. These additionally vary in coloration between inexperienced, white, or pink, and that is generally what’s seen on a useful drone whereas it’s in use whatever the time of day. 

Orange/ Yellow

Orange lights often point out that compass calibration is required for the drone, which might flash or show in a stable method upon startup. Flashing orange or yellow lights may point out no GPS connection on some drones. 


When sure modes such because the Return Home Mode or Follow Me Mode are energetic efficiently, it could show regular lights in different colours. But, if GPS is misplaced throughout this mode, the drone might flash purple lights quickly for two seconds after which it could flash each second. Some drones may show stable purple lights when coming into AP Mode, after which it could flash quickly for two seconds after which it could flash each second intermittently. 

For fanatics who’re working drones for industrial use, there are a variety of rules that can have to be adhered to in an effort to meet the FAA’s necessities, based on the Part 107 Small Unmanned Aircraft Rule. This contains the next:

  • Users should maintain a Remote Pilot Certificate issued by the FAA to fly commercially.
  • Users should register their UAV with the FAA on the FAADroneZone web site.
  • Users’ UAV weight can’t exceed 55 kilos at takeoff, inclusive of payloads.
  • Users might solely fly in Class G airspace.
  • Users should maintain their UAV inside visible line-of-sight.
  • Users might not fly to heights exceeding 400 toes.
  • Users should use anti-collision lights to fly throughout twilight or low gentle hours.
  • Users might not fly at speeds exceeding 100 mph.
  • Users should yield proper of approach to manned plane.
  • Users might not fly from a transferring automobile until in a sparsely inhabited zone.

While there are lots of necessities primarily based on these rules, there are some requirements in relation to the drone gentle’s performance and visibility as nicely. Based on the requirements, all drones must be geared up with anti-collision lighting if operated in low gentle hours for varied security causes, however should profit from extra lights similar to navigation lights.

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Anti-collision lights have to be top quality when it comes to their visibility since they have to be persistently seen throughout the line of sight. Thus, merely having lights for the sake of ticking the field won’t minimize it, the LED lights have to be as much as normal with regard to their luminosity. 

Thankfully, all of those necessities are fairly sensible to observe, and award customers with the peace of thoughts that accompanies making certain the security of themselves and others, in addition to the longevity of the drone itself. These necessities and legalities are the accountability of every pilot, and making certain the above will allow you to fly safely, skillfully, and legally.  

Drones are geared up with quite a lot of LED lights to make sure that customers are conscious of the situation of the parts and inside workings always, and data of those indicators is totally important for making certain that no hurt involves your drone or to others. Always be sure you are updated with the LED communications in your particular drone by referring to the guide or contacting the producer earlier than working your drone. 

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