When Do You Need to Replace the Main Board on Yuneec?

When Do You Need to Replace the Main Board on Yuneec?

One of an important parts of a drone is its essential board or motherboard. The official definition of a motherboard is that it’s the principle printed circuit board inside your pc. This signifies that it’s the principle piece of circuitry that every one different items hook up with create a cohesive entire. 

The motherboard is the spine that ties all your drone’s parts collectively and permits them to speak with one another. So as you possibly can see, your drone’s mainboard is kind of important. Sometimes, nevertheless, chances are you’ll be compelled to switch your drone’s mainboard. If you personal a Yuneec drone, and particularly should you’ve been having points, chances are you’ll be questioning when chances are you’ll want to switch your drone’s mainboard. 

You solely want to switch your mainboard if it’s damaged or faulty. A drone motherboard can final 5-10 years, so it’s unlikely that you’ll want to switch it. 

Signs that you could exchange the motherboard embrace: 

  • Drone powering off unexpectedly
  • Drone not turning on 
  • A burning scent/chemical scent out of your drone
  • Erratic flight controls

In this text, we’ll talk about all that pertains to your Yuneec drone’s mainboard, together with learn how to exchange it and way more. If that is one thing you’re questioning about, learn on to seek out out extra. 

When ought to I exchange my Yuneec mainboard?

The mainboard, in any other case referred to as the motherboard, is one in every of, if not an important parts of your drone. You probably have heard the phrase motherboard, however do you actually know what it’s? And what its objective is in your drone?

The motherboard is the backbone of your drone; it’s the hyperlink between all of the totally different parts inside it. It is the principle circuit board that connects all of the totally different components of your drone. It hyperlinks all the person components of your drone, permitting you to regulate these separate components.

Some of the features of the motherboard embrace:

  • The central spine of a drone on which different modular components are put in.
  • Responsible for distributing energy to the varied parts of the drone.
  • Used in coordination with the varied parts of the drone to take care of an interface amongst all of them.

Without the motherboard, or if the motherboard is broken, your drone could be just about unusable. This is why it’s all the time essential to take care of the motherboard in mint situation.

Since it’s such a vital ingredient, at occasions chances are you’ll be compelled to switch your Yuneec drone’s motherboard. It may be particularly complicated to new drone homeowners as to when that is obligatory. Many individuals usually marvel when they need to exchange their drone’s mainboard. Well, in case you are questioning the identical factor, I’ve simply the reply you’re in search of.

You are solely required to switch your Yuneec drone’s essential board if the motherboard is both faulty or damaged. If your drone’s present mainboard is in good working order, then there actually isn’t a motive to repair it until you’re having points with it.

Mainboards, if taken care of, can final for 5-10 years or much more. So, the one factor that will necessitate the substitute of the mainboard of your drone is that if it turns into broken or it dies. 

Luckily, there are a number of methods you possibly can inform in case your drone’s mainboard is useless and that it requires substitute. These embrace:

  • Drone powering off unexpectedly – If your drone retains turning off for no specific motive, then this will imply the mainboard is fried.
  • Drone not turning on in any respect – If your drone isn’t turning on in any respect, then this will imply it’s time to switch the mainboard.
  • A burning scent/chemical scent emanating out of your drone – If your drone has a tell-tale scent of burning plastic or a chemical scent coming from it, the mainboard could also be fried.
  • The drone is flying erratically – If your drone is flying erratically and you’ve got confirmed that all the pieces else is OK, this will imply the difficulty is with the mainboard, by which case it wants changing.

Under regular circumstances, there’s a very small risk that you’ll have to exchange your drone’s mainboard. But, if it will get broken for some motive, we’ll talk about learn how to exchange your Yuneec drone’s mainboard.

How to switch my Yuneec mainboard?

If your drone isn’t functioning the way in which you count on it to, then the mainboard could also be broken, and also you’ll have to switch it. Some of the instruments you’ll want embrace:

  • Anti-static wrist strap with alligator clip (discover it on Amazon)
  • Phillips head screwdriver measurement PH000
  • Tweezers 
  • Replacement motherboard in your drone (discover substitute components here)
  1. Start by placing on an ESD wrist strap to forestall damage to your self or injury to the drone from Electro-Static Discharge (ESD).
  2. Remove the battery and flip the drone the wrong way up in order that the propellers are resting on the desk floor and the digital camera is dealing with up.
  3. Carefully grasp the quilt that protects the wires and provides it a slight pull to detach it.
  4. Remove the 4 rubber plugs that maintain the drone and the interior components collectively. You can discover these plugs at every nook of the drone, and they’re white.
  5. Unplug the 4 cables related to the highest face of the body.
  6. Unplug the entire remaining wires, utilizing a pair of tweezers if obligatory.
  7. Lift or tilt the whole body and motherboard and unplug all of the wires from the underside.
  8. The battery connector has 2 wires related to a plug-in with 2 screws. Use your Phillips head screwdriver to unscrew these and pull the battery connector aside from the board body utilizing the tweezers.
  9. Flip over the body and motherboard in an effort to unscrew the motherboard from the body. There are 4 screws, one on every nook of the motherboard.
  10. After you’ve eliminated the screws, pull out the motherboard gently along with your palms. Remove the motherboard from the gadget.
  11. Get your substitute motherboard and comply with the above directions in reverse order to reassemble your drone.

If this appears like a venture above your experience or consolation stage, you possibly can all the time take your drone right into a restore technician to get an estimate and get the job carried out for you. Before shopping for any restore components, be certain that to cost out the price of components and ensure it’s value the associated fee, or whether or not it’s less expensive to easily purchase a brand new drone. 

In conclusion, the one motive chances are you’ll want to switch your drone’s motherboard is that if it’s broken in any manner and your drone isn’t responding because it ought to. Hopefully, this text has enlightened you on figuring out in case your Yuneec drone’s motherboard wants substitute and how one can go about changing it if it does.

Image Credit: Yuneec

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