What the Heck Wednesday – Trebuchet Take Off!

What the Heck Wednesday – Trebuchet Take Off!

This week on What the Heck Wednesday we now have a brand new strategy to launch your planes. It mounts to your automotive and provides a handy, compact trebuchet system with which you’ll be able to fling your airplane proper into the air with minimal area required.

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It’s known as the AMORES Robotics AVTO-01 UAV Launcher and right here’s the rundown on the system. “The AVTO-01 Launcher relies on the patent pending Assisted Vertical Take-off expertise developed by the AMORES Robotics Ltd. This expertise permits the vertical launch of fastened wing UAVs (RPAs) from small spots. Provides sufficient altitude to keep away from bushes, camp equipment and even small bushes. The launch is powered by the potential vitality of the transport car, whereas the arming is supported by {an electrical} winch. No rubber bands, no pneumatics, no electronics, no delicate components. It is strong and value efficient answer for unmanned expertise service suppliers.”

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Source: Jason Cole

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