Walkera Goggle 4 FPV – Full Evaluation

Walkera Goggle 4 FPV – Full Evaluation Drone News
Walkera Goggle 4 FPV – Full Review

Are you looking for a new pair of FPV Goggles? The Walkera Goggle 4 are some of the best FPV goggles on the market. They have wide FOV, dual antennae for great stability, and they’re also very comfortable to put on. You won’t come across another set of FPV Goggles that offer all these features at this low cost range!

These types of incredible FPV Goggles allow you to put on a show in high definition and they are the must-have FPV for drone fanatics. They have an HDMI input and DVR function that are ideal when flying by means of drones like DJI Phantom 3 or 4.

The Walkera Goggles four are made from durable materials which means you can’ t scramble them no matter how many times these people get dropped on the floor. The FPV eyeglasses comes in an elegant cardboard boxes box which has the feel of a high quality product.

After i opened it up, I discovered beside my Walkera Goggles 4 and its particular battery: AC/DC adapter, micro USB cable connection with type G connector for fast charging (not included), two 5. 8G antennas to give me personally better signal wedding reception as well as instructions means use them safely and effectively!

Within the continuation of this article, we go through all the features that these Goggles provide.


  • Comfortable design utilization;
  • 5″ LCD screen;
  • Brightness, contrast and hue adjustment;
  • Automatic video format detection (PAL / NTSC);
  • Automatic and guide channel search;
  • Built-in 40CH 5. seven FPV receiver;
  • Comes with double antenna;
  • 4v 1200 mAh Li-Po battery pack;
  • Can run for 2 hours.

Walkera Goggles 4 FPV – Design & Comfort

Who doesn’t need pair of FPV Eye protection that are comfortable and light? Walkera Technology Company provides designed the FPV Goggles that are comfortable so they do not disturb the pilot throughout the flight. When it comes to rhyme racing, pilots have to be concentrated, so comfort is of utmost significance to them.

The design and build quality are excellent – great work Walkera!   The particular Goggles are equipped with adaptable straps so you don’ t have to worry about the scale.   Even a cooling is provided in the case.   There are grills on the sides to increase the dissipation of heat and condensation from the eyes.

The lightweight design (528 grams) guarantees there’ s minimum pressure on your encounter when wearing it. This factor is also important when it comes to FPV Goggles. Keep in mind that the particular battery pack is not built into the glasses on their own but is located for the strap at the neck level.   The connection between the power supply and the goggles is via a short USB cable.   A very helpful design solution.

Walkera Goggle 4 FPV – Drone Compatibility

The Walkera Goggle 4 FPV Goggles can be used with all Walkera drone models such as;

  • F210 series
  • Hoten-X series
  • Runner 250 series
  • Rodeo 150
  • Furious 320

Walkera Goggle four FPV – Display & Resolution

The Walkera Goggle 4 FPV comes with a high-definition 5-inch screen. Switching in between exterior video and the built/in 5. 8 Gigahertz receiver is done using the big black button located at the top. This feature is useful for connecting a little camera (for illustration, RunCam OWL Plus, etc . ) in order to Walkera Goggle 4 in order to provide a double point of view.

These types of Goggles can also modify brightness, contrast plus croma (color) to get a comfortable eye level.

Walkera Goggle 4 FPV – Double Antennas & Stability

Thanks to 2 antennas, the video signal is quite stable. All of us managed to fly as much as 300 meters, in support of after that the signal began to be disrupted (when using a 600 MW transmitting antenna). Although the LCD display will not provide HD quality, the picture is very decent.

Above Goggles are SMA connectors: the first is for the linear polarized antenna, and the second is for a flexible retracting antenna. At the base of the goggles could be the AV Input RCA connector, thanks to which you can connect any video clip source – for example , a camera, TV or multimedia participant.

If you want to know more about FPV Glasses, check out our full review of 10 Best FPV Drone Goggles in 2021.

Walkera Goggle 4 FPV – AV Input/Output

Even though Walkera Goggle 4 does not have a built/in DVR in the standard edition, you always have the option to connect an external DVR via the AV-out situated near the Micro-USB connection. The built-in five. 8 GHz FPV receiver also makes an impression, guaranteeing stable video signal reception. Modular design allows for improved reach. You just need to purchase and supply antennas having a higher gain.

Walkera Goggle 4 FPV – AV Input/Output

Even though Walkera Goggle 4 does not have a built-in DVR in the standard version, a person always have the option for connecting an external DVR with the AV-out located close to the Micro-USB connector. The built-in 5. 7 GHz FPV recipient also impresses, promising stable video transmission reception. Modular design and style allows for increased reach. You just need to buy and provide antennas with an increased gain.

Walkera Goggle 4 FPV – Battery-life

The official rated battery life on the 7. 4V 1200mAh battery is about 2 hours, which is more than enough designed for FPV flying in our opinion, but if that’ s not enough, any kind of portable charger will help you out.

Walkera Goggle 4 FPV – Bundle

Walkera Goggle 4 FPV is packed within an elegant cardboard container, which is the first sign of the quality from the product. The glasses come with a battery, two 5. 8 Gigahertz antennas, a Micro usb port cable and a consumer manual.

  • Goggle 4 FPV glasses
  • Power cable
  • Charger
  • Antenna x 2
  • Instruction manual

Walkera Goggle four FPV Working Guideline

Walkera Goggle 4 FPV Illustration

Walkera Goggle 4 FPV – Pros & Downsides


  • Great design;
  • Dual antenna;
  • Includes 40ch diversity receiver;
  • AV In/Out;


  • Price;
  • No DVR plus HDMI input.

Walkera Goggle 4 FPV – Price

The Walkera Goggle 4 is an excellent choice for your drone race needs. A video here shows the quality and responsiveness of these glasses, as well as just how much fun you can have traveling through FPV goggles! You might be using them not merely for drones but also to enjoy cinematic entertainment like never before– don’ t just forget about that either. These Goggles have an fantastic price value that you could check here upon Amazon.

Walkera Goggle 4 FPV – Full Evaluation

Walkera Goggle 4 FPV – Bonus Informations

We could don’t stop talking more about these excellent FPV Goggles, but it would be best to view the video we ready for you at the end to get a better perspective about how they look. You will notice everything that comes in this particular beautifully designed kit with Goggle four FPV. If you are fascinated and want to learn more about Walkera Goggles, you can check this link HERE.


Although the FPV eye protection have been designed for Walkera racing drones, we believe they are suitable for almost all 5. eight GHz systems. We tested them at the Cheerson CX-35 and can only say something – the result was no worse compared to when the Walkera F210 was connected. It should become noted that the Walkera Goggles 4 is much more comfortable than any FPV goggle we’ ve tested. I hope we have helped both you and that you make the right decision.

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