UFO Sightings May Just Be Enemy Drones Gathering US Intel

UFO Sightings May Just Be Enemy Drones Gathering US Intel

A group at The War Zone has been compiling info over the past two years to set out a concept that the UFOs seen above the U.S. are, the truth is, enemies utilizing drones and different low-end unmanned aerial autos (UAVs) to spy on the nation’s army developments.

Believing that international adversaries have been simply getting into army house to collect intel is just not straightforward to just accept.

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On high of that, because the Pentagon could have taken years to acknowledge, after which settle for the truth that UFO sightings may really be enemy drones spying on its nation’s army forces, it’s comparatively straightforward to just accept that the U.S. authorities may very well be making an attempt to cowl its tracks by confirming UFOs are actual, in order that they don’t take the blame.

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