Saildrone goes chasing hurricanes in the Caribbean

Saildrone goes chasing hurricanes in the Caribbean

Though some of us chase storms for the joys, and others out of curiosity, there are additionally those that pursue extreme climate occasions for scientific functions. And it’s the lattermost pursuit that can see a small fleet of unmanned floor automobiles intentionally head into hurricane territory.

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San Francisco’s Saildrone first blipped on our radar again in 2018, when Australian analysis company CSIRO made use of a trio of the 23-ft-long (7-m), sensor-packed Explorer vessels to discover the Southern Ocean. Earlier this 12 months, a a lot larger sibling referred to as Saildrone Surveyor was added to the fleet – with the 72-ft (22-m) drone tasked with mapping the ocean flooring of the deep ocean.

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Source: Paul Ridden

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