31 Reasons Why Drones Really should not be Banned

31 Reasons Why Drones Really should not be Banned Drone Tips
31 Reasons Why Drones Really should not be Banned

Seeing that drones become more and much more popular each day, they continue to get more advertising as well as people seeing the risks that come with other people essentially having their own flying surveillance machine. But does this particular mean they should be prohibited?

Drones shouldn’ t become banned because of a couple of instances that might have occurred due to a people with bad objectives or reckless use. Drones are very useful devices and are used globally for superior technological and security purposes that assist thousands of lives , making them an integral part of the economic climate and society.

Keep reading when i discuss why drones should not be banned and why they can be helpful to everyone, including those who do not actually have all of them.

31 Reasons Why Drones Are So Helpful

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGdNzt3ddDs Video can’ t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Exactly what are Drones Used For? 31 Uses For Traveling Drones and UAV. From Aerial Picture taking to Warfare (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGdNzt3ddDs)

Movie showing the various different uses for drones.

Drones can be used for most things and aren’ t just noisy flying contraptions you could be irritated by from time to time.

Urban Planning

As urbanization continues and more and much more people flood the cities forcing metropolitan areas to need to adapt to a larger population plus congestion, by using drones, urban planners can easily understand the environments and make improvents.

Drones are able to get aazing aerial photographs and are able to take photos of house, which just shows how versatile drones can be and they could be implemented into every single industry.

Drones offer low cost digital photography options to those which can’ t pay for expensive photography crews.

Also smaller FPV drones are being used to capture amazing B-roll photos of the insides of various homes.

Emergency Response

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYMEQXiqsow Video can’ t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Lookup and Rescue Heat Imaging Demonstration (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYMEQXiqsow)

Research and rescue using a drone.

While drones are improving cameras are also improving and when these two pieces of technology are put together they could help a lot of people during mass emergency situations such as earthquakes and tsunamis.

Drones are being used in research and rescue procedures all the time as they are smaller than helicopters so they are able to get a good aerial view associated with places that helicopters can’ t are able to.

They are also airborne so they can go places cars and bikes can’ t move. When they are combined with thermal imaging cameras they now provide emergency reaction teams with an ideal solution for determining victims who are difficult to spot with the nude eye.

Drone manufacturer DJI launched an emergency response program in 2019 that allows first responders entry to some of the company’ ersus drones as well as peripherals. They even offer technical support and help.

The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) took full benefit of this in 2015 when Batallion Key Richard Fields started the LAFD’ ings UAV program.

This program was type in 2019 during the famous California wildfires. Drones were very helpful in that time and keep on being helpful.

In the event that drones are prohibited this could have an unfavorable effect on the life of many people and the efforts of crisis services.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2YPG8PO9JU Movie can’ t become loaded because JavaScript is disabled: DJI MG-1S – Farming Wonder Drone (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2YPG8PO9JU)

Farmers all over the world are starting to use technologies to better improve the method they farm. They may be constantly looking for new ways to reduce costs while still effectively expanding yields.

By using drones, farmers are able to collect data about their crops plus improve their efficiency close to their farms.

Another area exactly where drones are being used on farms is the farming of crops. Plant cultivating is a process that can be repetitive, time-consuming and largely detail-oriented.

Drones can also be helping in places like this by helping farmers save period and resources.


The military have been using drones for well over ten years now. Everyone knows the General Atomics MQ-1 Predator and while you might not know the name of this drone you have definetely seen it any a lot of movies and television shows where the military are actually involved.

This is a very large drone yet smaller drones are being used by the surface forces on a regular basis meant for surveilance.

Drone technology is constantly saving the lives of military personel by being sent in first in order to scout a dangerous scenario or area before they send in individuals.

Future Utilizes For Drones

Drone technology is constantly improving and the companies that make these drones are not looking at blocking anytime soon.

More tech is being put into drones so they can fly themselves and prevent objects.

Larger drones are being made that are able to fit people inside and carry them from one point out another. This will defenitely be the future of travel within metropolitan areas and it is the future of soaring cars that we have all of the been waiting for since watching Back To The Future when we were children.

Companies such as Ehang have already acquired successful flights using these passenger drones plus soon dreams would have been a reality.

Companies like Amazon are working on Shipping drones that will be automatic to fly to a customer’ s house, deliver a package, plus return to base.

Drones in the future is going to be doing that and possibly even delivering pizza for your door in the future.

Honestly the possibilities meant for drone technology implemented everywhere is countless and to ban them and take that will away would be the wrong call to make.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0osJnSWxt8 Video can’ t be loaded because JavaScript can be disabled: Elevation documented: how drones will alter cities (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0osJnSWxt8)

How drones will change cities in the future.

Besides all these reasons, droning as a hobby is amazing plus thousands of hobbyists shouldn’ t be deprived of that because of the activities or could be actions of a few.

Common Concerns Concerning Drone Use

Many people feel that drones should be banned as a whole. Both military plus recreational drones have got lead people to charge that drones are becoming more and more of a safety and security issue for everyone close to them.

Preferred that drones can be dangerous if within the hands of the bad person, as with everything in life. After all, they are flying devices which have cameras attached to all of them. This alone can pose several serious security plus privacy issues.

Anyone with bad objectives can use a rhyme to spy upon someone else. People can use drones to harm other people, considering that they can be used as devices to carry bombs or even lethal toxins to crowded areas, also, they are a danger to industrial flights.

This is the main reason why individuals feel like drones must be banned. It is a little worrying that a person with a couple of hundred dollars or even less can just buy a rhyme and use it anyway they will see fit!

Banning drones won’ t solve the issue. There will always be poor people in the world and there will always be irresponsible people, so banning something that has many utilizes to people just to try and keep it out of the hands of a few won’ t solve the problem at all.

All this will do is snatch the enjoyment far from people who have been using drones for fun, and rather making it harder for individuals who have these bad intentions to get their hands on a drone. Notice how I said that it would be harder for them to obtain a drone, but certainly not impossible.

After all, in some states it’ ersus still perfectly lawful for anyone to purchase a firearm without a the permit and in several states even though you require a permit, people without having them are still able to get their hands on them.

Drones are not simply flying hazards just waiting to come crashing down to earth in order to hurt you. Drones can be used for many items and can help a lot of people do things that they were previously unable to do. Drones are assisting people take the various skills they have to the next stage every day.

One thing we have to recognize is that drones will be a very common object to find out in the sky and that they may play an integral role within our economy and community for years to come.

What we must remember is that everything could be dangerous when it is still new, and people are usually intimidated by details they cannot control.

Drone technology is constantly improving every single day, and with that improvement these are becoming easier to take flight as well as a lot safer to fly. Some drones you don’ t even have to control any longer, and they fly them selves!

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