Phantom 3 Battery Not Charging (Reasons, and How to Fix It)

Phantom 3 Battery Not Charging (Reasons, and How to Fix It)

Drone batteries are manufactured from lithium polymer and make the most of superior know-how, requiring rigorous upkeep and storage routines. Most of the batteries are mild and simply rechargeable. This is why drone producers discover it applicable to make use of them in plane. However, Phantom 3 batteries can generally allow you to down by refusing to cost. So, what are among the causes these batteries could fail to cost?

Phantom 3 batteries could refuse to cost after many hours of use or when there’s a defective or damaged charger.  It could refuse to cost when it bricks on account of poor upkeep or poor storage which damages the cells. Also, when the battery goes into deep discharge mode, it could not cost.

Unfortunately, when your Phantom 3 battery stops charging, you can not get open air and luxuriate in flying your drone. Such a battery could cost after just a little little bit of finagling, or it could by no means cost once more. In the latter case, you should have no choice aside from to purchase a brand new battery. Read on to see why the Phantom 3 battery could refuse to cost and what you are able to do to repair the issue.

Poor Storage and Maintenance

Typically, Phantom 3 batteries include a lithium polymer composite that requires correct upkeep and particular storage. One facet of that is that they need to by no means be allowed to empty past the 5% stage. If they do, the battery cells could be completely broken. 

Similarly, the batteries have good flight options which can stop them from charging. The options embody the hibernation mode present in clever battery programs. In that case, it could be obligatory to take care of the battery recurrently, together with making certain that its voltage doesn’t drop under 3.7 V, to forestall the battery from coming into hibernation mode.

Luckily, you may jump-start a battery out of hibernation mode. However, you will want a bunch of various instruments to take action. Some of them embody a LiPo stability charger, and a Nickel Metal Hydride charger (NiMH).

To repair the issue, join the LiPo battery plug to the NiMH charger and cost the battery utilizing about 0.1A present. Select a voltage matching the LiPo battery nominal voltage. It ought to take between 1-2 minutes for the battery to get better as much as 3.3V in each cell. You can verify this by studying your Phantom 3 battery’s whole voltage and dividing it by the overall variety of cells.

As quickly because the voltage of your Phantom 3 battery rises to above 3.3 V per cell, you may transfer it to a Lithium Polymer stability charger. Here, it is best to be capable of stability the battery cost at a 0.5 C ranking. As quickly because the stability cost completes balancing, the battery shall be totally recovered.

Alternatively, you could have to reset the battery. Notice that any Phantom 3 battery that isn’t in use will all the time self-discharge. LiPos will even discharge however at a slower tempo. As such, if left unused for some time, it could discharge to zero and go into hibernation mode. So, you’ll want to reset it to get it again to life as soon as extra.

To reset it, you’ll want to have the DJI charger readily available. Press the ON button two occasions and ignore any of the lights that will flicker. Do not press some other button however let the battery relaxation for an additional 5 minutes and plug within the charger however don’t press any button this time round. You could depart the battery to cost for a couple of minutes. It is prone to get again to life after a couple of minutes, or it could take even longer.

Broken or Faulty Charger

If your charger is defective or damaged, it won’t cost. So, you could have to troubleshoot it to substantiate any damaged wire. The simplest way to do that is to plug it right into a wall socket that you’re positive is working, and join a battery. You will then want to show the battery on to see the way it behaves.

Inconsistent Firmware

The Phantom 3 battery could refuse to cost if there’s a drawback with the firmware that must be up to date. Therefore, to repair the issue, you will want to replace the drone’s firmware. But make sure the battery is within the drone when doing this, and never within the separate battery charger. Also, you could want an applicable app to repair the drone’s firmware.

Hot Battery

When the battery’s temperature rises above a sure stage, the sensors will detect it, and finally, the battery will refuse to cost. One factor that may increase the battery’s temperature is whenever you depart it within the solar or within the automotive. Similarly, if in case you have been warming the battery within the earlier flight, the probabilities are that it could nonetheless be heat. In this state, it could not cost.

Notice that the batteries will solely cost when the temperature is between 5° C – 40° C. If it’s too chilly or too heat, it could refuse to cost. To repair the issue, depart it at room temperature for a interval of half-hour or one hour. You can then plug the battery into the charger and permit it to cost.

Short Circuit

If a brief circuit causes a excessive amperage, the battery could cease charging as effectively. This could occur when elements of a wire are in touch with one another both inside the charger or outdoors the charger. As a consequence, it could be obligatory to examine the charger for uncovered wires which can make the Phantom 3 battery not cost. To repair this, determine the broken wires and exchange them. Alternatively, you could choose to purchase a brand new charger.

Damaged Pins

There are linings between your battery and the charger that may both get bent or break. Also, the pins could corrode as they arrive in touch with corrosive substances or moisture. It could end in a leaking battery which can make the battery refuse to cost. To repair the problem, clear off the corrosion utilizing isopropyl alcohol. But if the pins are broken, take into account shopping for a brand new battery. 

Bad Battery Cell

A lithium battery comprises a number of cells. When among the cells die, it could make the battery refuse to cost. Look at every of the cells intently to see the useless ones. To repair the issue, you could want to purchase a brand new battery and preserve it effectively. Also, among the cells could also be broken. So, guarantee to examine the well being of those particular person cells and see if they’re liable for the battery’s refusal to cost.

Hibernation Mode

When the battery is in hibernation mode, it could not cost. One of the the explanation why it may possibly enter the mode is when it has been in storage for just a few months.  If the battery discharges to zero, it mechanically enters a hibernation mode, making it tough for the battery to cost.  Luckily you may repair the issue by way of this course of:

Power on the battery and preserve watching it till it shows a strong purple mild. Wait for the sunshine to go off, then plug it into the charger. Let it keep plugged in for just a few hours till it comes out of hibernation mode. Also, earlier than you retailer the battery, be certain that the cost stays as much as no less than 50% if it stays in storage for an extended interval. Ensure to examine and cost it recurrently.

Not Taking Good Care of The Battery

Taking care of the battery will not be tough. But for those who don’t do it accurately, it’s unlikely that the battery will final very lengthy. Firstly, keep away from utilizing the battery if it exhibits indicators of harm. The swelling signal is a particular indicator of an issue because it exhibits that the battery is leaking. 

Also, it’s necessary to by no means let your battery get or keep moist. If it by accident will get soaked in water, ensure to get rid of it immediately. Do not try to cost a swollen battery as a result of it may possibly explode and trigger an accident.

Note that it’s obligatory to make sure that you solely use an official charger for the Phantom 3 battery. Also, be certain that you examine the temperature of the battery earlier than you cost it. Anything under 22 or above 28 levels Celsius will not be acceptable. Do not begin charging the battery instantly after the drone returns from the sky. Let it cool right down to the specified temperature earlier than plugging it into the charger.

Do not plug the battery within the charger and go to take care of different enterprise. Ensure that you just preserve your eye on the chargers’ standing bar. It will all the time point out the charging stage. Keeping an eye fixed on it ensures that you just don’t overcharge the battery.

Lastly, retailer the battery when it’s 60-80 p.c charged if you’ll use it in a few days. But for those who plan to make use of it after ten days or extra, it must be saved with a 40-60 p.c cost.

When making drone batteries, producers use totally different supplies, and so you’ll want to deal with the battery effectively and retailer them specifically circumstances. Also, the battery must be maintained recurrently to present you service for an extended time. But for those who don’t examine and preserve it, it’s prone to get broken and be unusable. 

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