Are you able to Overcharge A Drones LiPo Battery?

Are you able to Overcharge A Drones LiPo Battery? Drone Tips
Are you able to Overcharge A Drones LiPo Battery?

Some people overcharge LiPo drone batteries either by mistake or to try to squeeze as much airline flight time out of the drone as possible. But should you?

You are able to overcharge a treadmill LiPo battery, however it could shorten the particular battery’ s expected life, cause it to overheat plus potentially burst into flames. So emptying is not a good idea unless your drone comes with an intelligent flight battery power. These batteries have the ability to automatically cut the power from the battery once it’ s completely charged.

How do you know in case your drone has an intelligent flight battery? Here’ s a quick method to find out.

Did your Drone Have An Intelligent Flight Battery?

What makes these electric batteries so great is they are going to cut the power from your charger automatically when the battery is fully charged. This means you won’ t need to constantly remind yourself to check if they’ lso are charged, which could become extremely annoying especially if you want to leave your own batteries to cost overnight.

That being said you’ lso are probably wondering in case your drone’ s battery is “ smart, ” well here’ s how you can learn.

  • First of all, if you have a DJI drone then your battery is intelligent. All of DJI drones come with intelligent flight functions. Just keep in mind that for the feature to work correctly you’ ll need to use an original DJI battery charger. So ensure that you don’ t try to leave a battery power charging overnight in the event that you’ re using the batteries on an aggressive charger.
  • Another way to check out is in the drone’ s manual. The manual should tell you exactly what the drone’ ring battery is able and if it will cease charging automatically right after its fully billed. Some manufacturers call it up a “ wise battery” instead of an “ intelligent battery pack, ” so be sure you look out for that.
  • Call manufacture. If there’ ring no information in the manual, then call the manufacturers to find out. They’ ll have all the info you need on hand.

Whatever you do, just make sure you get the information from a credible resource and don’ p assume that your electric battery is intelligent. LiPo batteries can be extremely harmful, so the last thing you need is for the electric battery to explode in your house.

How Long Do You Charge A Drone Battery?

Getting time heavily depends on the type of LiPo battery-charger you have, how many watt-hours the batteries hold, and how empty the battery is.

Generally speaking, a brand new drone LiPo battery pack could take about 70 minutes in order to charge if you’ re charging this through an USB port, or 50 minutes if you’ re using a charger.

Now that’ s just a general answer. I’ ve searched out just how long specific drone electric batteries take to charge and I’ ve put them out beneath. The charge moments below are for batteries that are fully fat-free. If your battery still holds some cost then it might be a lot quicker.

Drone Type: Lithium Battery Wh: Time To Charge Per Battery: (Rough estimate. )
Syma X20 Mini Treadmill 0. 66 Wh 70 mins
DJI Ryze Tello battery 4. 18 Wh 90 a few minutes
Propel Star Wars X-Wing battery power 6. 2 Wh 45 minutes
DJI Spark electric battery sixteen. 87 Wh 80 moments
DJI Mavic Mini battery 17. twenty-eight Wh 80 minutes
Parrot Anafi electric battery 20. 52 Wh 90 moments
DJI Mavic Air battery 27. 43 Wh 55 minutes
Parrot Bebop 2 35. 52 Wh fifty five minutes
DJI Mavic Pro battery pack 43. 6 Wh 70 a few minutes
Autel Robotics EVO battery 49. 02 Wh 80 minutes
DJI Mavic + Zoom 2 battery power 59. 29 Wh 70 minutes
DJI Phantom 3 battery 68 Wh 70 minutes
Yuneec Typhoon H battery power 79. 9 Wh 120 minutes
DJI Phantom 4 battery  81. several Wh 70 minutes
DJI Inspire 2 battery 97. 58 Wh ninety minutes
Table showing just how long batteries take to cost on average/

How Do You Know When A Drones Battery power Is Charged?

Well, most of the time there will be some kind of green light that will lets you know when the battery is fully billed. A smart battery will even tell you exactly as to what percentage level your battery is charged. And if your treadmill comes with an app that could be installed on your cell phone, such as the GO app for the DJI, after that this information can also be found right now there.

Since drone manufactures are so different in their methods, I can’ t offer you a straight answer, however , here are some extremely helpful tips.

  • Check the manual. I know nobody ever ends up reading through those things, but if you still have yours then information on how to know when your treadmill is fully charged will be shown.
  • Connect battery into the phone chrgr then look for a lighting on the battery. For as long as I could remember, most rechargers come with a red, fruit, and green light. Generally red means the particular battery is lifeless, orange means the charging, and green means it’ ersus charged. So if your battery has these types of lights then maintain charging it till it’ s natural.
  • Check your phone’ h app. Most drones come with an app that will give you stats on the drone. Some of these apps actually display information on the particular drone’ s battery power. If your drone comes with an app it connects to, then open it up and check the battery pack stats.
  • Call customer support. T he last thing you want would be to overcharge your drone’ s battery. If you exhausted all other options and you just have no clue how you can see if your drone’ s battery is certainly fully charged, then simply call customer support.

Safety Points If You Think There’ h A Chance That You’ ll Overcharge Your Battery

Now if you’ re not sure if your drone comes with one of those smart battery features, and you have no idea how long your battery takes in order to charge, and you even now want to leave your LiPo battery in order to charge overnight, then you’ re going to want to be as smart as possible. There are some simple things you can do to make sure you don’ t burn down your house.

  • Ensure any smoke is definitely noticeable. If your LiPo battery power does end up overcharging you need to make sure it’ s in a place where you’ lmost all notice it. Many people make the mistake of keeping a charging battery out of sight, so when they notice indications of overheating, it’ t too late.
  • Can you store the outside? The further away from your own home the better. This will keep your home safe if they do decide to burn on you.
  • Have a fireplace extinguisher nearby. This is a good idea even if you don’ t own a rhyme. They could very easily save your home!
  • Fireproof drone charging stations can be found, and they’ re awesome. LiPo batteries possess caused so many issues that some companies have even designed fireproof charging stations. So if your drone really does end up overheating then simply you’ ll have nothing to worry about.
  • Cost LiPo batteries in a well ventilated and cool area. Once these types of batteries go up inside flames, they build a TON of toxic smoke. Not something you want to be breathing in the center of the night while you’ re sleeping.

Can You Cost Drone Battery Faster?

I am talking about you can, if you’ re willing to make use of a charger that costs with more volts, nevertheless , this also can and more than likely will damage your own drone’ s battery.

Here are some reasons why it’ h not a good idea to charge your drone’ s battery faster.

  • If you try to charge it faster then you’ ll void the drone warranty. So if the battery really does break you’ lmost all have to buy a new one.
  • It could cause a LiPo battery to short circuit, overheat and potentially explode.
  • It can be dangerous. In case you’ re going to try it at all, i quickly highly advise which you keep an eye on the battery.


Whether if you’ re wanting to overcharge your drone to get more flight period, or if you’ re worried about making your drone to charge overnight, just keep in mind that LiPo batteries can be very dangerous in the event that you’ re reckless, so make sure you take the required precautions.

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