Ingenuity flies farther and faster than ever on third test flight

Ingenuity flies farther and faster than ever on third test flight

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars helicopter has once more set new data, flying farther and quicker than ever on its third check flight on the Red Planet. Taking off from Wright Brothers Field in Jezero Crater on April 25 at 4:31 am EDT, the robotic rotorcraft reached an altitude of 16 ft (5 m) earlier than flying downrange for 164 ft (50 m) at a prime pace of 6.6 toes per second (2 m/s).

The newest flight by Ingenuity is especially essential as a result of the craft exceeded the efficiency it demonstrated in exams again on Earth. This is as a result of the Martian surroundings may solely be approximated inside depressurized check chambers, which had been too small to permit the helicopter to fly horizontally or maneuver correctly for farther than 1.6 ft (50 cm).

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The 80-second third flight was equally essential for the digicam system. Ingenuity has an onboard colour digicam, which it used to take aerial photos of Mars for the second time, the primary being on the craft’s the second flight, and a monochrome navigation digicam that it makes use of for picture recognition to assist the craft navigate autonomously. Because Ingenuity by no means reached excessive pace on Earth, NASA engineers weren’t sure that the algorithm would be capable to correctly course of the enter from the digicam and monitor floor options.

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Source: David Szondy

Photo credit score: NASA/Caltech


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