iFlight Taurus X8 HD: Professional drone video platform

iFlight Taurus X8 HD: Professional drone video platform

Photo of iFlight Taurus X8

With a payload of as much as 2Kg, the iFlight Taurus X8 HD drone might be geared up with professional-grade DSLR picture cameras and digital cinema video cameras like Red Komodo, Z-Cam, or BMPCC. The CNC digicam mount permits adjusting digicam angles inside 5° and 35°.

When it involves putting in an $8000 digicam on a flying platform, you count on some sort of redundancy in opposition to {hardware} failure. The Taurus X8 comes with 8 rotors and two ESC boards. The producer claims, if one propeller brokes, one motor fails, or one ESC blows, you’ll nonetheless have the ability to land safely. Furthermore, it has an onboard M8Q-5883-GPS, which might be configured with fail-safe return to dwelling (RC sign loss or Manual set off). 

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Redundancy safety deising

The iFlight Taurus X8 body has a 400mm wheelbase and might be geared up with 8-inch propellers. There are two Xing 2806.5 motors put in on one below the opposite on the finish of every arm. Its SucceX-D F7 TwinG V2.1 flight controller has two ICM20689 gyros and eight motor outs. By default, it comes with BetaFlight 4.0.5 firmware.

iFlight opted to equip their Taurus X8 HD skilled flying video platform with a DJI FPV Air unit and DJI FPV digicam. The DJI digital FPV transmission is appropriate with DJI FPV goggles and FPV distant controllers.

iFlight Taurus X8 HD options

  • A flying platform for DSLR Red Komodo Z-Cam BMPCC Cinema Cameras;
  • Up to 2Kg payload (digicam weight);
  • 130Km/hour high pace;
  • Adjustable CNC digicam mount (5°-35°);
  • Redundancy security (motor/propeller/ESC failure);
  • iFlight M8Q-5883-GPS & Compass V2.0;
  • 8x Xing 2806.5 motors + 2x SucceX 80A 2-8S 4in1 ESC boards;
  • SucceX-D F7 TwinG V2.1 flight controller;
  • HQ 8X4X3 propellers;
  • On-board DJI Air Unit for HD Digital video transmission (DJI FPV goggles appropriate);
  • 6S LIPO appropriate (4000-5500mAh prompt).

ED Digital Cinema Camera drone platform

iFlight Taurus X8 body technical parameters

  • X body structure;
  • Wheelbase: 400±2mm;
  • Dimensions: 283x283mm;
  • Flight controller mounting sample: 30.5×30.5mm;
  • Motor sort: 8 x 28xx sequence (19x19mm mounting sample);
  • Propeller measurement: 8-inch;
  • Build weight: 1547±15 grams (with out battery).

Taurus X8 HD check video by iFlight

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