How to Safely Dispose of LiPo Drone Batteries

How to Safely Dispose of LiPo Drone Batteries

Are your batteries lastly worn out, and also you’re questioning the right way to eliminate them correctly? You’re in the suitable place.

Like every other gadget, LiPo batteries don’t final endlessly. They ultimately cease working because of overcharging, over-discharging, crashing, and lots of different points.

So, how do you eliminate drone batteries?

To safely eliminate LiPo batteries, first fully discharge them to 0V. To discharge, you should utilize a balancing charger, resistors, saltwater baths, bulbs or run them down in your drone. Then take them to native e-waste facilities or a recycle heart. Do NOT put them in a daily trash bin.

Keep studying to be taught all about safely disposing of your LiPo batteries.

How to Dispose of LiPo Batteries Safely

The first step to disposing of a battery is discharging it. As lengthy because the LiPo battery has no cost, it won’t pose any hazard to you or the atmosphere no matter the way you select to eliminate them. 

You in all probability know this by now, however it doesn’t damage to overview it once more. LiPo batteries have a resting (nominal) voltage of three.7 V. That signifies that typically, they may at all times have some cost starting from 3.0V to 4.2 V. But to eliminate them, you want to get them to 0V. So, how do you discharge a LiPo battery? 

Here are a few of the finest methods:

How to Discharge a LiPo Battery

Use mild bulbs 

This is likely one of the finest and most secure methods to discharge a battery. What you do is get some bulbs, ideally 12V bulbs. A 12V fan would additionally work.

Then, design connectors that you simply’ll use to hook up with your battery. Once the bulbs mild up, it’s going to take 5 to six hours to empty the battery, and the bulbs will slowly dim till there isn’t sufficient cost to maintain them on. 

NOTE: If you may’t discover bulbs, you should utilize LiPo batteries as an influence supply to cost different batteries. That manner, you may discharge the batteries even when there’s no energy, otherwise you don’t need to waste electrical energy.

Use them in a drone

For some drones, equivalent to DJI drones, you may totally discharge a battery through the use of it within the drone. You can both fly the drone or take away the propellers and run the motors till you deplete the batteries. This technique isn’t at all times the perfect thought, nevertheless, because it wears out the motors, and also you additionally danger inflicting a hearth. 

Use a saltwater tub

A saltwater tub is likely one of the finest methods to discharge a battery. Salt is an efficient conductor of electrical energy. So, when you dip your battery within the resolution, it’s going to conduct all of the cost left within the battery, making it secure for disposal. 

Please make sure the salt resolution is saturated (a minimum of 2 lbs. of salt in a gallon of water) to make sure it’s efficient. The solely draw back with this technique is it takes days to discharge a battery fully.

Use a balancing charger

This is one other secure technique for discharging batteries. Some balancing chargers are constructed to cost and discharge a battery. Just set the voltage you want to discharge to, which is 0V on this case, and watch it do its factor. 

Almost all LiPo batteries may have the discharge price indicated. Be cautious to not exceed that price because you’ll trigger fast temperature build-up. Always keep the speed or a slower price (I’ll clarify why in a minute). 

Use a resistor

This is one other frequent technique of discharging a LiPo battery. All it’s a must to do is join a resistor to your batteries and go away it for a couple of hours. Resistors drain batteries slowly however successfully, stopping any irregular warmth build-up, which might trigger an explosion. You may even join a number of resistors to hurry up the discharging course of. 

When utilizing this technique, the resistor is the half that builds up warmth, so deal with it rigorously, keep away from touching it, and even dip it in a non-conductive resolution, equivalent to mineral oil or distilled water.

Safety precautions for discharging LiPo batteries

LiPo batteries aren’t designed to be fully discharged. As a end result, when you try to get them to 0V, they have an inclination to swell and get extremely popular, they usually might trigger a hearth. Discharge the batteries whereas in a fireproof bag to keep away from any accidents, and don’t go away them unattended. If you notice the batteries are getting too sizzling, disconnect them and allow them to settle down, then proceed the discharging course of. 

Since LiPo batteries usually have a number of cells, it’s important to test the voltage of every cell when discharging. If one cell has a decrease cost or is useless, it might trigger a resistance that hurries up the temperature build-up. But you may keep away from this by discharging the battery slowly.  In such a case, a balancing charger can assist since you may management the speed at which you discharge a battery.

It’s additionally a good suggestion to maintain a hearth extinguisher and a bucket of dry sand close by in case a hearth breaks out.

Regardless of the strategy of discharging you select, at all times solder the optimistic and damaging wires collectively. This will produce a slight spark. But after that, the battery can’t maintain a cost anymore, and it will possibly safely be disposed of.

Disposing of your LiPo battery

Now that you understand how to discharge them and guarantee they’re secure, under is how one can eliminate your LiPo battery.


The finest technique to do away with LiPo batteries is by recycling them. Batteries comprise lead and different poisonous supplies which can be dangerous to soils, water, and vegetation. These chemical substances can also be dangerous to individuals and animals. So, test along with your native space if there are any battery recycling providers and ask if they’ll take your batteries. Some providers that gather waste batteries embody;

  • Call2Recycle
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Best Buy
  • Lowe’s
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Home Depot
  • Batteries Plus Bulbs
  • Battery World
  • Office Works
  • Battery Terminal
  • Century Yuasa (Australia)
  • Aldi Supermarkets (Australia)

If there isn’t a battery disposal service close to you, test native interest outlets or digital outlets. They will likely have waste bins or recycle bins particularly designed for batteries and different digital waste.

Things to keep away from when disposing of batteries

  • Never eliminate worn-out batteries along with your common trash. Even when they’re discharged, LiPo batteries should still comprise risky electrolytes that will be a catastrophe in the event that they ended up in a rubbish truck or a landfill. What occurs is that trash compacts or punctures the LiPo batteries, exposing the lithium polymer into the air and triggering a response. If the batteries have even a slight cost in them, there’s no telling what harm they may trigger.
  • Avoid driving nails into the batteries, hitting them with a hammer, or chopping them. This might result in an explosion since you may’t management the reactions that happen. The solely exception, albeit dangerous, is after totally discharging. If you need to test if a battery is totally discharged, you may gently drive a nail via it. If you observe any smoke, the battery isn’t prepared for disposal. A well-discharged battery shouldn’t have any reactivity. But as an alternative of going via this danger, simply take it to skilled handlers in recycle facilities, they usually’ll know to eliminate the batteries safely.
  • Don’t burn the batteries. The smoke launched could also be poisonous, and the residue produced whereas burning might find yourself in your soils or water sources.
  • Avoid burying the batteries since they might nonetheless leach chemical substances into the soils. Besides, if by any likelihood they weren’t fully discharged, they might explode if somebody unintentionally dug them up.

How to take care of your LiPo batteries

I do know this can be a put up about disposing of batteries. But a few of the the reason why you want to eliminate the batteries might probably be prevented subsequent time round. While LiPo batteries can’t final endlessly (they usually final a minimum of 300 cycles), under are some methods to increase their lifespan.

  • Always cost, discharge, and retailer them at room temperature.
  • Unless you’re disposing of them, by no means discharge your batteries decrease than 3.0V.
  • Use a balancing charger to verify all of the cells throughout the battery are charged equally.
  • Always intently monitor the batteries as they cost. A really slight temperature change may cause a hearth, burning your storage or entire home together with it.
  • Always retailer the batteries in fireproof luggage when touring or when storing them for later use.
  • Never retailer LiPo batteries once they’re totally charged. Discharge to 40-60% for storage.
  • When touring or storing them, make sure that they don’t come into contact with metallic or different conductive objects. This might result in a brief circuit rendering the batteries unusable.
  • Always cost and discharge the batteries utilizing the producer’s tips.
  • Never use bulging or broken batteries.
  • Always have 2 to three batteries. That manner, you gained’t overly stress one battery, which hurries up the sporting course of in comparison with alternating completely different batteries.
  • Always let the battery settle down after utilizing it earlier than charging it once more.


And that’s it. LiPo batteries disposal is a part of correct drone and RC gadget upkeep. Always make sure that they’re fully discharged earlier than disposing of them. While some individuals have gotten away with throwing them within the trash after discharging them, it’s not a good suggestion. Always search for native recycling facilities or locations that gather e-waste for secure disposal.

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