How to Find the Owner of a Lost Drone? 4 Ways

How to Find the Owner of a Lost Drone? 4 Ways Drone News
How to Find the Owner of a Drone

No drone pilot is definitely immune from shedding his drone. This could happen due to software program glitch, GPS transmission failure, or your own personal mistake. This also includes a discharged battery plus a violation of calibration. What if you find yourself in position where you find a lost drone that has a FAA registration number? Are you able to locate the owner with this number? In this article we will describe all the probable methods and how you can get the owner of a dropped drone. Let’s start!

So How to Find the Proprietor of a Lost Rhyme? The very best methods you can use to get the owner of a lost drone is to look into the drone’s camera and appear at the footage to see where the drone had its take-off stage, by contacting the police or the drone’s manufacturer, or by using social networks and posting an image of that drone.

So if you decide to track down the pilot, I have to tell you it won’ t exactly end up being an easy mission. But with good tactics plus methods, you can find the owner and return the drone. One of the most common ways is to use the drone registration number through the FAA’s site and you’ll obtain the pilot’s name. It’s an easy search to accomplish. The FAA have a large database of drone pilots that have registrated their rhyme.

The FAA’ ersus contact info is certainly:

  • Email: [email protected] gov
  • Phone: FAA assistance at (877) 396-4636 or international (703) 574-6777

I found myself once in a situation where I found a drone in my backyard and I used this process. However , not all drones are reported and registered by the FAA. In case you find yourself in a situation where this doesn’t help, there are other ways you can track the owner.

4 Ways to Discover the Owner of a Lost Drone

  • Look the Drone’ s Camera: Check the footage that drone has recorded to see if you can find the takeoff point (perhaps the owner’s home).
  • Contact the Police: Police can easily get the drone owner if the drone is registrated by the FAA.
  • Contact the Drone’s Manufacturer: In most cases, they may have information on the drone’s serial number, and they can easily locate and contact the master.
  • Using Social Networks: Today we’ve Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and other platforms where you could easily publish that you have founded a drone, and the owner of that lost drone can come and pick it up.

Let’s say You Find a Drone in Your Own Yard? Trace the Owner

The first thing you need to do if you learn a lost drone in your own yard would be to check and see what model is that drone. If the drone is cheap, and under $100, then the owner probably won’ t even look for it and you’ ll have a hard time to find the real owner. These drones are not designed with GPS technology, therefore the owner can’t locate it.

If the drone is over $300, then you can start to look online to see if there are some posts on Facebook, Reddit or Instagram which can be indicating that some body has lost a drone.

The next option is to simply take the drone to the police and let them handle the problem. In most cases, if the drone is high priced, the owner will come and look for it. So you will fence yourself in and do the best thing. When you are coping with an expensive drone, you’ ll probably have the telephone or some mark on the drone. If the drone is not legally purchased, the owner won’t look for it.

An App That Can Identify Drones and Locate Their Owner

Drone maker DJI has developed a smartphone app that can quickly identifie a nearby flying drone. With this app, anybody within radio range of the drone can pick up a signal permitting them to determine the location, altitude, speed and direction of the drone, as well as its identification number and the place of the person who order him.

This feature promises to be very useful in the fight against unwanted drones. A regulation, currently being drawn up, will eventually force all drone manufacturers to adopt a system for the remote identification of these devices. Some experts are skeptical. They believe the app could be useful against irresponsible drone pilots. In contrast, highly organized offenders with genuinely bad intentions will quickly be able to hack it, they say.

What You Need to Know About Lost Drones

How to Find the Owner of a Lost Drone? 4 Ways

Today, most drones are equipped with a GPS module, which can be used to record information about the place of departure, flight trajectory, as well as complete control over the flight. It will take a significant period of time to find a lost drone when the search motors of the modules fail.

Before launching the drone, check and, if necessary, calibrate the compass. It is also worth writing down the takeoff coordinates to improve the likelihood of quickly locating the drone in case of loss. The general procedure takes several minutes, however the security guarantee increases significantly.

Another important factor for a reliable flight is a 100% battery level . But returning the unit to the ground is most beneficial with the remaining 30 percent. Then you will have the time to find a new landing site or handle another problem which has arisen.

Experienced pilots recommend leaving ive note on drone body. According to statistics, found devices with identification marks are generally returned to their owners. In addition , you can produce an unique look for your drone with body stickers. This will help quickly identify it among other models, if, for example , you used the search for a device using websites and forums attempting to sell drones and spare parts for them.

Well, an additional advice before the flight is usually to always check the Return To Home mode . Violations in its operation can be associated with a temporary loss of GPS signal. It is better to double-check that the point is set correctly than then try to understand why the drone flew in an unknown direction. It’s also advisable to establish points for returning “home” in open areas.

Best Search Methods To Find Your Lost Drone

When you first realize that the drone has disappeared from sight, it is important to immediately search for it. Try to find the drone with the remote. If the aircraft is somewhere nearby, it can respond to commands. It is also recommended to take screenshots of the surrounding area at different times of the flight. Listed here are the best search techniques you can use to find your lost drone:

1 . Search by GPS

All DJI drones have a GPS tracker setup function.   Thanks to its use, you can launch the quadcopter and never worry about it being lost.   You shouldn’ t skimp on purchasing a tracker.   Usually, budget options are not especially useful and are characterized by high data transmission errors.

To put in the tracker, you will need glue, an active SIM card to fit in the module slot and just a couple of minutes of free time.   To find a quadrocopter, when it is lost, you can get it by calling the SIM card number from any phone.   After the call, the exact coordinates of the quadcopter will soon be sent to the phone by SMS.

2 . Beacon Installation

Instead of the GPS tracker, you can even install a radio beacon. It allows you to quickly find a quadcopter at a distance of up to two kilometers. For normal flights, this is sufficient, because the range of the get a grip on equipment is no significantly more than 1 . 5 kilometers.

3. Using the App LostMyDrone

The LostMyDrone application offers to put in contact the owner of the drone, who will have registered, and the one who would have discovered it. A global map of lost drones offers a panoramic, but not exhaustive, view of devices that have left their owners in the wrong company. This application is mainly active in the United States.

4. Video Camera Signal

If the drone didn’t turn off when it fell, then a video transmitter can serve as a beacon. FPV glasses can act as a receiver. You can easily locate the drone with the video signal of the camera. Drone racers use this feature to find their small drones during the race.

How to Ensure Your Drone Never Gets Lost?

  • Attach the sticker on your drone with your phone number and address. You can even writte your drone’s registration number.
  • Ugradite a GPS tracker on your drone. Trackimo’s 3G GPS is very small and can be attached anywhere on your drone. As soon as you activate that tracker, your smartphone app will tell you wherever your drone is.


As we could see, there are plenty of ways we are able to locate the drone owner if we find a lost drone. The drone registration numbers are only helpfull if you’ re the FAA, cause you can track down the person who is the owner of that crashed drone. For normal persons this number isn’t super helpful in locating lost drones. Drones that weigh more than 0. 55 pounds need registration number, and are legally required to be marked on these drones. That said, it might not be unnecessary, either, to put your phone number or current email address on the drone. I hope you will not have this problem in the future.

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