How to Calibrate a Bad Compass on Your Yuneec

How to Calibrate a Bad Compass on Your Yuneec

Drone pilots of all calibers know the overall routine when on the brink of fly their drone. However, new drone house owners and newbie drone pilots could not know this, however drone calibration is without doubt one of the essential preflight guidelines objects to do earlier than getting your drone within the air. 

If your drone isn’t correctly calibrated, it could not even take off. There are numerous sensors in your drone that want calibration, and one in every of them is the compass. Sometimes the compass could fall barely, or considerably, out of calibration. This can spell issues when flying your drone as a result of the compass supplies you with precision flight. So, in the event you personal a Yuneec drone, you’re in all probability questioning how one can calibrate a nasty compass. 

How to Recalibrate My Yuneec Drone’s Compass?

If you’ve flown your Yuneec drone earlier than, then you definately most likely know very nicely how essential calibrating the completely different sensors on the drone is. These sensors are important to your drone as they provide the final precision flight choices that may be unattainable if the sensors are miscalibrated.

It’s frequent sense that new drones which have by no means been flown earlier than ought to at all times be calibrated earlier than getting them within the air. This is crucial as a result of in the event you launch your drone within the air earlier than calibration, you’ll very probably expertise erratic flight. But it’s not only for a brand new, out-of-the-box drone. Every drone’s compass periodically must be calibrated.

Perhaps probably the most essential sensors on the drone is the compass. Sometimes your drone’s compass could fall out of calibration, and it will require you to recalibrate it in order that it flies completely. You ought to do that often.

So, how do you go about recalibrating your Yuneec drone’s compass?

You ought to discover a big open area exterior, ideally an open, grassy subject, to hold out this compass recalibration course of. This is as a result of your drone’s inner magnetometer could be affected by issues like strengthened concrete, buildings, and antennas. 

Follow these steps to calibrate your Yuneec drone:

1. Boot up your distant controller, then the drone

Turn in your distant and permit it besides up totally. Proceed to energy in your drone as nicely. Make certain besides up on this order for greatest efficiency.

2. Tap Settings in your controller

Once the distant is totally booted up, faucet the settings wheel on it. A warning message will seem. Press OK on this.

3. Select Calibration, then Compass

Proceed to faucet on Calibration after which select Compass to proceed with calibrating your compass. The drone will beep, after which the display screen in your distant will show Mag Cali (Magnetic Calibration).

4. Hold drone degree, pointing North

Pick up your drone and maintain it flat (parallel with the bottom) with its nostril pointing North. The following steps must be accomplished in lower than 30 seconds with the intention to correctly calibrate your drone.

5. Complete a ahead revolution

Spin your drone ahead fastidiously in a full round rotation, tail over nostril, till you’re holding it flat once more.

6. Rotate 45˚ to the left and full one other revolution

Turn your drone to the left by an element of 45˚. Repeat the revolution within the above step. This time with the rear left rotor will circle over the correct entrance rotor till the drone is degree once more.

7. Rotate one other 45˚to the left and revolve once more 

Turn your drone 45˚ as soon as to the left once more and repeat the revolution. This time the drone can have its nostril towards the left (going through west), and can revolve alongside its wing axis till the drone is degree once more. 

8. Rotate 45˚ as soon as extra and repeat revolution

Turn your drone 45˚ to the left once more and repeat the revolution. On this ultimate revolution, the drone will revolve entrance left rotor over rear proper rotor in a whole circle till it’s flat once more.

9. Set down the drone on a degree floor

Place the drone down and watch as the principle LED flashes crimson and inexperienced quickly because it calibrates. Once the compass is calibrated, the drone will reboot.

And identical to that, your Yuneec drone’s compass might be recalibrated. Note that the above is a fundamental technique of calibrating a Yuneec drone compass. Some completely different Yuneec drone fashions might be calibrated otherwise, so seek the advice of your person guide as nicely for additional particulars.

What is the aim of a compass in a drone?

The compass is without doubt one of the most essential sensors in your drone. The compass permits your drone to know its heading or path in area. This is why it’s essential to calibrate the compass. If the compass isn’t correctly calibrated, the GPS could not enable your drone to provoke a flight.

Compass calibration on a drone aligns your drone’s flight system with the Earth’s magnetic North, not its true north. This is named magnetic declination, and it accounts for the earth’s shifting magnetic subject. 

This is why compass calibration must be carried out repeatedly. The Earth’s magnetic fields are underneath fixed, if very slight, variation. 

When do I have to calibrate my drone?

There are a number of causes you could have to calibrate the assorted sensors in your drone for optimum efficiency. Some of those causes embody:

  • If your drone is model new, it’s a must to calibrate it earlier than the primary flight for it to fly accurately.
  • If you progress from one flight location to a different, you could have to calibrate your drone.
  • Light bumps and exhausting landings could cause the sensors to fall out of line, so you’ll have to calibrate the drone often.
  • If you are feeling the drone shouldn’t be flying because it ought to or isn’t reacting to your instructions correctly, you’ll should calibrate it.
  • If the drone vibrates when in transit, the sensors could fall out of calibration, so you could have to recalibrate it after taking your drone in a automotive, particularly over bumpy roads.
  • If your drone is close to any magnets or excessive voltage, the calibration could also be corrupted, so that you’ll should recalibrate it.
  • If your drone hovers badly when there isn’t any wind interference, calibration is critical.
  • After updating your drone’s firmware, you could have to recalibrate the drone.
  • If your drone is shedding altitude when flying, then calibrating it’s mandatory.
  • If your drone begins drifting in a single path or is unstable in flight, you’ll should calibrate it.
  • If your drone crashed, then you definately’ll should recalibrate it.

In conclusion, recalibrating your drone infrequently is definitely fairly essential, so hold this in thoughts. Make it a part of your preflight routine to make certain your drone is completely calibrated earlier than every flight, so your drone flies with none errors.

Image Credit: Yuneec

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