How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Drone?

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Drone? Blog

Your drone isn’t indestructible, and it’d find yourself struggling a bit of injury right here and there, particularly in case you occur to crash it or get it moist. But even with none traumatic occasions, some drones simply merely want repairs every so often attributable to regular put on and tear. But in case you’re taking a look at needing to repair your drone, you most likely need to know the way a lot it’s going to value to restore your drone.

In common, you’ll be able to anticipate paying between $200 to $600 for a restore job in your drone. The precise value will depend upon the kind and model of the drone, and on what repairs are wanted, together with how lengthy the restore work takes, and on what alternative elements are wanted.

The factor about drone repairs is that the general prices will rely on loads on the drone you will have. That’s as a result of totally different elements and companies will range broadly in value. You most likely received’t be stunned to listen to that elements and restore companies for cheaper drones are usually less expensive in comparison with the costlier drones the market has to supply.

How a lot does it value to have a drone repaired?

Having your drone repaired and the prices related to such a restore rely nearly completely on the drone that you just need to have repaired. That’s as a result of totally different drones have totally different calls for when it comes to how tough they’re to restore and the way costly their elements are.

Many drones restores companies, together with the DJI restore service, price a normal hourly charge for work on repairs (in accordance with the drone mannequin). On high of this hourly charge, there can be prices for any alternative elements which can be wanted for the restore.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Drone?

Here’s the essential hourly payment desk from the DJI restore service:

Standard DJI Repair Service Fee

Part Time in Hours Service Fee in USD
Battery 0 Free
Gimbal or Remote Controller 1 $65
Aircraft 2 (Phantom and Mavic collection) $130
3 (Inspire collection) $195

If you go for one other restore service, make sure to search for respected and credentialed restore companies that can do a superb job of repairs with out charging you an arm and a leg. Just remember that doing repairs with one other service could void your producer’s guarantee.

Just a few different restore companies to look into embrace:

You also can take your drone into a drone interest store or different native drone shops for repairs. Check your native space for shops that promote drones or different RC gear to see if they provide particular pricing on drone repairs.

How a lot does it value to restore a Mavic Air 2?

For the Mavic Air 2, the entry-level drone restore will value you $79. You can anticipate paying a further $100 together with restore prices and elements replacements. This degree will solely embrace replacements for the propeller, touchdown gear, minor digital camera harm, and arms.

However, you may pay a further $300 if the job consists of extra critical elements replacements or a number of elements replacements. Or if the elements replacements embrace having to interchange a serious half, then you may find yourself paying a further $500 for the drone restore.

DJI Mavic Air 2 Parts Costs

Category Component Price in USD
Aircraft Components Front Aircraft Arm Module 14.00
Rear Aircraft Arm Module 12.00
Upper Cover Module 4.00
Aircraft Middle Frame Module 4.00
Aircraft Lower Cover Module 9.00
Aircraft Core Board Module 199.00
Fan 11.00
Backward Vision Module 26.00
Forward Vision Module 23.00
Downward Vision Module 21.00
IMU Module 9.00
Gimbal Axis Arm Module 35.00
Rear Camera Cover 2.00
Gimbal and Camera Components Lens Barrel 2.00
Gimbal Camera Module 77.00
Gimbal Coaxial Cable 15.00
Remote Controller Core Board Module 52.00
Remote Controller Upper Cover Module 4.00
Remote Controller Components Remote Controller Lower Cover Module 4.00
Remote Controller Battery 5.00

How a lot does it value to restore a Mavic 2 and Mavic Pro?

Like the Mavic Air 2, the preliminary cost you would need to pay for having your Mavic 2 or Mavic Pro repaired is someplace near $79. However, you’ll additionally must shell out extra prices relying on how a lot the mandatory elements replacements are, and relying on how lengthy the restore job takes.

The costs for elements replacements are much like the Mavic Air 2 in that you would need to pay a further $100 for an entry-level restore job that features replacements for primary elements corresponding to propellers, touchdown gear, and single legs and arms.

Meanwhile, a number of repairs and extra critical repairs also can value you about $300 to $500 relying on how main the elements replacements are.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro & Zoom Parts Costs

Category Component Price in USD
Aircraft Components Upper Cover 12.00
Front Aircraft Arm Module 26.00
Rear Aircraft Arm Module 22.00
Middle Frame Module 14.00
Bottom Shell 22.00
Forward Vision System Module 42.00
Core Board 339.00
Fan 12.00
ESC Board 34.00
GPS Module 27.00
Upward Infrared Sensing System Module 9.00
Downward Infrared Sensing System Module 22.00
Remote Controller Components Button Board 12.00
Remote Controller Main Board 144.00
Left Antenna 2.00
Right Antenna 2.00
Gimbal Components Mavic 2 Pro Gimbal Axis Arm Module 170.00
Mavic 2 Zoom Gimbal Axis Arm Module 101.00
Mavic 2 Pro UV Filter 8.00
Mavic 2 Zoom UV Filter 5.00
Mavic 2 Pro Rear Camera Cover 6.00
Mavic 2 Zoom Rear Camera Cover 4.00
Gimbal Fixing Cover 1.00
Gimbal Flexible Flat Cable 5.00
Gimbal ESC Board 49.00

Phantom 4

Because the Phantom 4 is a little more costly, you would need to pay a better preliminary restore value of $99 per hour or someplace near that relying on the restore middle. There are even restore facilities that might cost you as much as $130 per hour as a result of the restore job for a Phantom 4 is much more technical in comparison with the extra inexpensive drones on this record.

On high of the hefty hourly restore charge that you would need to pay for a Phantom 4 restore, you’ll additionally have to pay for the value of the elements as nicely. Thankfully, the elements will not be actually any costlier than they’re for a number of the different cheaper DJI drones.

For instance, an entry-level elements alternative job for the Phantom 4 can value you a further sum of $100. Meanwhile, if there are a number of elements that must be changed, the payment might attain about $300, give or take. However, when there’s an extra critical elements alternative job for the Phantom 4, you is perhaps spending about $500 to $600 for the price of elements.

DJI Phantom 4 Parts Costs

Category Component Price in USD
Gimbal Phantom 4 Pitch Motor 12.00
Phantom 4 Roll Motor 13.00
Phantom 4 Yaw Motor 12.00
Phantom 4 Pitch-axis Bracket 9.00
Phantom 4 Roll-axis Bracket 6.00
Phantom 4 Gimbal FPC Cable 11.00
Phantom 4 Lens 69.00
Phantom 4 Camera Main Board 176.00
Aircraft Phantom 4 Top Cover 6.00
Phantom 4 Middle Cover 8.00
Phantom 4 Bottom Cover 10.00
Phantom 4 2312S Motor 25.00
Phantom 4 Left Landing Gear 10.00
Phantom 4 Right Landing Gear 10.00
Phantom 4 ESC Board 1 11.00
Phantom 4 GPS Module 45.00
Phantom 4 Downward Vision Module V2 10.00
Phantom 4 Forward Vision Module V3 10.00
Phantom 4 Triple Plate 189.00
Phantom 4 Ultrasonic Module 13.00
Phantom 4 Main Controller 69.00
Phantom 4 RC Top Shell (Silk Print) 17.00
Phantom 4 RC Bottom Shell (Silk Print) 12.00
RC Main Board 148.00

How a lot does it value to restore an Inspire 2?

The restore prices for a DJI Inspire 2 are loads increased in comparison with the opposite drones on this record. And one other factor it’s essential think about is that it’d take extra than simply an hour or two for the drone to be repaired.

So, in case your restore middle prices about $140 per hour on the Inspire 2 however wants three hours to finish the job, that’s already a sum of $420 on restore charges alone. And that doesn’t embrace the charges for elements replacements.

The excellent news is that the extra charges for the elements may not be that costly. For entry-level elements replacements to your Inspire 2, you would possibly find yourself having to pay no less than $100 on high of the restore charges. This can simply make the entire go as much as greater than $500.

However, the extra elements which can be required to get replaced, the costlier the element’s alternative charges are. You would possibly find yourself having to spend no less than $300 for a number of replacements. And when the elements that must be changed are main elements, that implies that you may find yourself having to spend over $500 plus the restore charges to your Inspire 2.

All that to say that you may simply find yourself spending upwards of $500 on repairs to your Inspire 2.

DJI Inspire 2 Parts Costs

Component Price in USD
Landing Gear Module 6.00
Motor CW/CCW 39.00
Landing Gear Mounting Piece 10.00
Landing Gear Antenna Cover 1.00
Gimbal Vibration Absorbing Board Module 34.00
ESC Board Module 30.00
Sweepback Left/Right Arm Module 88.00
GPS Cover 1.00
Nose Cover 7.00
FPV Gimbal and Camera Module 85.00
Forward Vision Module 58.00
Gimbal and Camera Co-axial Cable 39.00
Middle Frame Module 179.00
Auxiliary Arm Viscose Module 24.00
Battery Bracket Module 70.00
Gimbal Vibration Absorbing Board & Cable 59.00
Lower Shell & Sensor Module 49.00
Upper Shell Module 24.00
Middle Frame Servo 93.00
Upper Shell & Infrared Sensing System & Button Module 55.00
Main Controller Module 789.00
Lower Shell & Downward Vision Board & Fan Module 162.00
Left/Right External Arm Viscose Module 48.00
Screw Mandrel Module 40.00
Battery Compartment & Battery Interface Board Module 101.00
Remote Controller Dual Band Grey Antenna 6.00
Remote Controller Mobile Device Holder 59.00
Remote Controller Upper Shell Module 52.00
Remote Controller Connection Cover Module 1.00
Remote Controller Lower Shell Module 22.00

Is it value paying for repairs on my drone?

If you’re questioning whether or not you’ll be able to simply get by flying a barely broken drone, the reply might be not. Flying a broken drone can result in much more issues, and most probably extra crashes. It’s not a good suggestion to attempt to fly a drone that isn’t in correct working order.

If it’s a matter of changing your bent propellers by yourself, by all means, you’ll be able to most likely deal with that. You could even be capable to deal with the alternative of another minor broken element.

But as soon as once more, remember that taking repairs into your personal palms could void your guarantee. Also, in case you don’t actually know what you’re doing, you may find yourself damaging extra elements in your efforts to sort things. Then you’d must pay much more for repairs and alternative elements than you might need in case you simply despatched it in for repairs to start with. Just will depend on how assured you might be together with your helpful abilities.

If, however, you’re questioning whether or not it is best to simply improve to a brand new drone, nicely, that will depend on what mannequin of drone you’re speaking about. For most DJI drones, the price of repairs, in the event that they’re not extraordinarily in depth, will find yourself being about 20%-35% of the price of a brand new drone. At these costs, it’s nonetheless most likely value it to pay the restore charges.

Even in case, you do determine you need to improve to a greater drone, it’s nonetheless a good suggestion to restore the broken drone so as to promote it. Or in some instances, you could possibly commerce in your broken drone while not having to restore it first.

If you will have a non-DJI drone, the price of repairs will most likely be lower than these we’ve estimated right here, in proportion to the decreased value of the drone mannequin normally. This being the case, it’s most likely normally valued it to pay for the repairs at a fraction of the price of a brand new drone. If you are taking your drone to a neighborhood restore store, you’ll be able to normally get a restore value quote earlier than committing to having the repairs carried out. This will help you determine if you wish to go forward with it, or improve your drone as an alternative.

DJI Care Refresh

If you don’t like the concept of getting to pay as much as 35% of the price of your drone on repairs, you would possibly severely think about getting a DJI Care Refresh plan to your DJI drone. Like a hull protection insurance coverage plan, DJI Care Refresh will basically offer you a brand new drone for a flat charge (relying in your drone mannequin), at a lot decrease fraction of the associated fee even of repairs.

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