Holy Stone Drone Battery (Everything You Need to Know)

Holy Stone Drone Battery (Everything You Need to Know)

Holy Stone is understood for manufacturing among the greatest finances drones. If you’re on the lookout for a newbie drone or passion drone, Holy Stone has bought you lined with their reasonably priced, sturdy, and feature-packed drones. If you’re planning to get one in every of their drones, you’ll additionally need to learn to deal with their batteries.

Holy Stone drones make the most of LiPo batteries, with flight occasions starting from 6 minutes to 25 minutes, relying on the mannequin. LiPo batteries are delicate, so ensure you observe common and company-specific care practices.

If you’re contemplating a Holy Stone drone, or you have already got one and have run into some points with the batteries, this text will cowl nearly every little thing you’ll want to find out about your Holy Stone batteries, and learn how to get probably the most out of them.

Which batteries do Holy Stone drones use?

As you’ll discover in most drones, Holy Stone drones include LiPo (lithium polymer) batteries. The purpose drone producers want LiPo batteries is their means to comprise extra cost whereas sustaining a miniature measurement. 

If you’re curious to study extra about why LiPo batteries are your best option for drones, take a look at our article on LiPo Batteries for Drones: Everything You Need to Know

The lowest resting cost a LiPo battery can have is 3.7V. But some drones might have two cells, three cells, or much more. The voltage in every cell is added collectively to offer the full voltage. For occasion, if a battery has 7.4 V, which means it has two cells. 11.1 V means three cells, and so forth. And the batteries can be denoted 2S and 3S, 4S, and so forth, relying on the variety of cells they’ve. Below are some well-liked Holy Stone batteries and their voltage.

Drone Voltage Number Of Cells Capacity
Holy Stone F181W 3.7 V 1 750mAh
Holy Stone HS700D 7.4V 2 2800mAh
Holy Stone HS100 7.4V 2 4100mAh
Holy Stone HS160 3.7V 1 500mAh
Holy Stone HS170 3.7V 1 1000mAh

How lengthy does a Holy Stone battery final?

Holy Stone batteries final anyplace between 6 minutes and 20 minutes. Below are some well-liked drone fashions and their flight occasions per battery.

Drone Flight Time
Holy Stone F181W 6 to 9 Minutes
Holy Stone HS700D 20 to 22 Minutes
Holy Stone HS100 15 Minutes
Holy Stone HS160 8 Minutes
Holy Stone HS170 7 Minutes

If you’re questioning about how lengthy you’ll be able to moderately anticipate to get good use out of your Holy Stone drone battery, the conventional lifespan of a LiPo drone battery is someplace from 1 to three years. The extensive variation in time is as a result of the battery lifespan is dictated by cost cycles. Under optimum situations, a LiPo can be good for 300 to 500 cost cycles, however extra realistically, that quantity is extra like 150-250 cost cycles. 

After that the battery will start to carry out much less properly, and never maintain as a lot of a cost, thus leading to shorter flight occasions. You might even begin to see indicators of injury reminiscent of swelling. If you do, it’s undoubtedly time to get a substitute. 

How to cost a Holy Stone battery?

Holy Stone drones include a charging cable and charger. The charging course of is analogous in HS160, HS170, HS100, and F181 drones. Connect the smaller finish of the charger to the battery, and join the opposite finish to a USB adapter, energy financial institution, or laptop.

The Holy Stone HS700 comes with a cable, a cost switch field, and a steadiness charger. To cost it, begin by connecting the battery to the cost switch field, then hook up with the steadiness charger, then connect the cable, which you’ll then hook up with a USB adapter or energy financial institution.

NOTE: Holy Stone advises customers to verify the ability output is no less than 5V and between 0.5 and 1 A.

How lengthy does it take to cost a Holy Stone battery?

The charging time differs with the drone mannequin. Below are the drone fashions I referenced earlier and their charging occasions.

Drone Charging Time
Holy Stone F181W 60 to 90 Minutes
Holy Stone HS700D 5 hours
Holy Stone HS100 3 to six hours
Holy Stone HS160 110 Minutes
Holy Stone HS170 45 to 60 Minutes

How have you learnt when a Holy Stone battery is totally charged?

The indicator system to inform when a Holy Stone battery is totally charged depends upon the drone you’re utilizing. Below is every drone mannequin’s battery and learn how to examine the battery ranges.

  • Holy Stone HS700 – There are two indicators; a crimson gentle and inexperienced gentle. The Red gentle is stable all through, however the inexperienced gentle flashes because the battery expenses. When the battery is full, each the crimson gentle and inexperienced gentle can be on with out flashing.
  • Holy Stone HS100 – This drone’s battery has a button on the facet and 4 blue LEDs. Just press the button as soon as, and it’ll swap on and present the battery ranges. When all LEDs are on, which means the battery is totally charged. Three stable blue LEDs imply the cost is no less than 75%, 2 LEDs 50%, 1 LED 25%, and when they’re off, it means the battery stage is beneath 25% and ought to be recharged.
  • Holy Stone F181 and Holy Stone HS160 – These drones have a cost indicator that first goes on when the USB is related to the ability provide, goes off while you join the battery, and goes on once more as soon as the battery is totally charged.
  • Holy Stone HS170 – For this drone, there’s a crimson LED that modifications to inexperienced when the battery is totally charged.

Can you improve your Holy Stone drone batteries?

Yes, you need to use an upgraded (extra highly effective) battery in your Holy Stone drone, so long as the battery and your drone are suitable. For occasion, among the drones I’ve talked about include a 500mAh capability battery. But chances are you’ll discover aftermarket battery variations for a similar drone with a capability of as much as 1000mAh. 

However, keep away from dismantling the batteries that got here along with your drone in an try and improve them. You threat a fireplace or completely damaging the batteries.

How do you take away a Holy Stone battery?

Below is learn how to take away the battery of every of the drones highlighted on this submit.

  • F181 – Open the battery’s cowl by barely sliding it backward and lifting it. Then, disconnect the connecting wires from the battery, and pull it out.
  • HS700 – This drone’s battery has a buckle. Just press it in and pull the battery out.
  • HS160 – Under the drone, near the battery compartment, there’s a battery lock. Press it, and slide the battery out.
  • HS170 – Unplug the battery from the drone’s connectors, and pull the battery out.
  • HS100 – The battery has a latch on the prime. Press it whereas pulling the battery out.

How to discharge Holy Stone batteries

If you’re touring and need to discharge the batteries to the required ranges, one of the simplest ways to try this is to make use of a balancing charger with a discharging operate. If you don’t have a steadiness charger that can discharge the batteries, listed here are another methods to discharge the batteries:

  • Inserting the drone within the battery and draining it (by flying it or working the motors) to twenty% for storage, (or zero while you need to get rid of them).
  • You can join them to gentle bulbs to make the most of the remaining cost.
  • To get rid of them off, you need to use a saltwater bathtub to do away with the entire remaining cost.

Holy Stone batteries received’t cost

Issues with Holy Stone batteries aren’t quite common. I assume that’s why there are few tutorials on learn how to repair them. But that doesn’t imply it will possibly’t occur. If your batteries aren’t charging, two issues might be occurring;

  • The batteries are broken
  • The charger is broken.

Let’s take a look at every of those points and learn how to repair them.

Dead batteries

Also generally known as “Bricked” batteries, these are batteries that aren’t working. This might be on account of over-discharging, draining them fully, storing them after they’re totally charged or totally discharged, or bodily harm. I’ll talk about learn how to greatest keep the batteries in a minute. But first, let’s see how one can repair them.

The instruments required embody;

  • The broken LiPo battery
  • LiPo balancing charger
  • Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Charger

The course of

  • Set the NiMH charger to the bottom output (about 0.1A) and join your LiPo battery. Make positive the voltage output matches your battery’s voltage.
  • Give it a couple of minutes to cost as much as about 3.3V. When studying the voltage, contemplate what number of cells the battery has for the reason that studying can be a complete voltage of all cells. If it has two cells, it will likely be 6.6V, three cells 9.9V, and so forth.
  • Transfer the battery to the balancing charger and set the charging price at 0.5C. That means multiplying the charging price by the battery’s capability in Ah. For occasion, the HS700 has a 2800mAh capability, which interprets to 2.8Ah. Multiply 2.8Ah by 0.5C to get 1.4 A. 1.4 A is the present output it’s best to set on the balancing charger. 1C is the perfect charging price, however 0.5C is best for fixing lifeless batteries.
  • Once the battery is totally charged, give it a couple of minutes, and it will likely be totally useful and prepared to be used.

Damaged charger

There are many causes a charger might be damaged, together with quick circuits, bodily harm, and so forth. All the batteries I’ve talked about on this article have an indicator to indicate whether or not they’re charging. So, to know whether or not the charger is damaged, join the battery and watch the indicator. If the indicator doesn’t gentle up (or go off relying on the battery), then your charger might be broken. Remember, the cables may be broken. So, strive connecting with completely different cables to verify it’s the charger that has a difficulty. Other methods to examine for harm embody;

  • Use a voltmeter to examine if there’s any present. Broken chargers won’t be passing any present.
  • Try a unique charger. Ask a pal who has the same drone and examine if their charger works on your drone.

Once you’re positive the charger will not be working, it’s simpler to purchase a brand new one since they aren’t that costly. The identical case applies to the cables.

Replacement and warranties

Before going all DIY in fixing and modifying broken batteries, chargers, or every other a part of the drone, ensure you examine if the producer gives replacements or repairs and should you’re eligible for them. Most of the individuals who expertise points with their batteries are in a position to get replacements, which exhibits that the producer cares about their customers.

Holy Stone battery upkeep ideas

  • Give the batteries about 20 minutes to chill down earlier than recharging them.
  • Holy Stone drones are identified to overheat across the motors. So, if you can be flying for a very long time, ensure you take breaks between every flying session for the drone to chill down.
  • Once the battery is totally charged, give it a couple of minutes earlier than putting in it within the drone.
  • Always use solely the cables supplied by the producer.
  • When flying the drone, ensure you depart no less than 20% of the cost. If you drain the batteries fully, you threat destroying them and even voiding any guarantee.
  • Don’t cost or use any swollen, crashed, or batteries exhibiting indicators of bodily harm. Using them may result in a fireplace that’s fairly difficult to place out.
  • When the drone crashes, make sure that the batteries and connectors are working as they need to.
  • Avoid overcharging the battery. Make positive you’re monitoring the batteries so that after they’re totally charged, you unplug them.
  • The very best temperatures for charging and discharging ought to be between 41-100 F (5-40 Degrees C).
  • The very best temperatures for storage ought to be between 71-86 F (22-30 Degrees C).
  • Always retailer the batteries in a fireproof bag.
  • Discharge the batteries fully earlier than disposing of them.
  • Do not place broken batteries in your common waste bin. Instead, contact native businesses which are tasked with disposing of such objects.
  • Avoid short-circuiting the batteries.
  • Always swap off the drone first earlier than eradicating the batteries.
  • Don’t draw extra energy from the batteries at a time. Ensure you examine the battery’s discharge price.

Are Holy Stone drones any good?

Now that you’ve realized about this drone’s batteries and the way they examine to different fashions, chances are you’ll be questioning if the drones are price it. Yes, they undoubtedly are! 

Holy Stone drones make good entry-level drones with above-average cameras, flight modes, good flight occasions, GPS, and lots of different options you’ll love in a drone. Most importantly, their buyer assist is great. 

In the newbie and passion drone classes, Holy Stone does higher than Snaptain and Potensic, although these are additionally good options. But in case you are on the lookout for drones that may do extra in pictures and longer flight occasions, Parrot, DJI, and Autel Robotics are the manufacturers it’s best to look into.


Batteries energy each side of the drone. So, figuring out how they work and learn how to keep them is paramount. You might have realized that Holy Stone batteries might not meet the qualities of prime manufacturers reminiscent of DJI, however they’re ok to introduce you into the world of drones. 

With the data I’ve supplied and studying the producer’s guide, it is possible for you to to make the most of your drone to the fullest with out damaging it.

Below are the manuals for the drones I’ve highlighted on this submit for reference.

Image Credit: Walmart

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