Do Drone Batteries Auto-Discharge if Not Used?

Do Drone Batteries Auto-Discharge if Not Used?

Just like each different form of accent within the drone business, drone batteries have improved considerably lately. Drone batteries solely just lately have begun to have the ability to self-regulate their cost, and notify you about their well being, standing and potential warnings. But even with these developments, the query stays. Do drone batteries auto-discharge if they’re left unused for lengthy durations?

If a drone battery is left unused, it can routinely start discharging to guard the integrity of the battery cells. DJI drone batteries, for instance, will routinely discharge to 60% if they aren’t used for 10 days.

In this text, we’ll talk about all that pertains to discharging of drone batteries and way more. 

Does a drone battery discharge when not in use?

It’s apparent that the densely packed energy housed in your drone’s LiPo battery is important for flight. If you converse to any drone fanatic on the market, they’ll inform you simply how a lot they worth the well being of their drone batteries. No drone pilot desires to have a defective battery that retains on shedding its cost, thus limiting flight. That’s why most drone house owners take significantly the upkeep of their drone batteries to opitmize flight occasions and efficiency.

If you might be studying this text, then the possibilities are that you will have noticed one thing peculiar together with your drone’s battery. You cost it to full capability after which retailer it for a day or extra, after which if you match it again into your drone prepared for one more flight, you discover out that the battery degree isn’t full anymore. Understandably, this may occasionally have confused you, and also you’re questioning whether or not one thing is mistaken with the battery.

Basically, you need to know whether or not it’s regular for a drone’s battery to discharge when it isn’t getting used.

The reply is sure! If not used for a day or so, drone batteries will routinely start discharging. This doesn’t imply that the battery is defective, nonetheless. Drone batteries routinely discharge when not in use to guard the integrity of the battery cells. You see, if the batteries don’t self-discharge when not getting used for a number of days, they start to swell up over time. This makes the battery cells deteriorate, and if this occurs, the battery’s well being can be compromised.

If you aren’t going to make use of the battery for some time, it’s often really helpful to discharge it to 60% earlier than storing it in a cool, dry place. The auto-discharge function of many drone batteries ensures that the optimum degree of battery cost stays within the battery during times of disuse. 

Is it a nasty concept to depart drone batteries charged?

When you end flying your drone on any given day, it solely is sensible to ensure it’s absolutely charged for the following time you resolve to fly it. Just as is the case with laptops and smartphones, nobody desires to have low battery energy once they most need to use their drone. 

This generally is a irritating prevalence which is why most individuals choose to cost their drone batteries absolutely earlier than storing them to be used the following time. But whereas this sounds handy, it’s truly not a good suggestion to attempt to go away your drone batteries absolutely charged.

It’s finest NOT to depart your drone battery absolutely charged if you end up not planning on utilizing it any time quickly. Drone batteries are often LiPo batteries and leaving them absolutely charged will increase the danger of swelling. 

To counteract this tendency to swell, most drone producers have a built-in auto discharge cycle for his or her drone’s batteries. But what occurs if this failsafe doesn’t work? The likelihood is that if batteries are left absolutely charged, swelling will happen, and this swelling will deteriorate the integrity of the battery cells. This in flip considerably reduces the general battery life.

Leaving a battery absolutely charged accelerates its ageing. This is why it’s really helpful to discharge the battery to 40-65% should you go away it idle for 10 days or extra.

How do I retailer drone batteries when not in use?

Here are a number of recommendations on storing your drone’s batteries if you end up not utilizing them, to make sure they last more:

  • Store them in a cool, dry place at a temperature vary of 71-82˚F (22-28˚C).
  • Keep the batteries away from any liquids and don’t place them near a warmth supply.
  • If you don’t plan to make use of the batteries for 10 days or extra, discharge them to 45-60%.
  • Don’t retailer the batteries with decrease than 10% of energy as this may occasionally over-discharge them and destroy the cells, which is irreparable.
  • Remove the batteries from the drone if you’re going to retailer them for an prolonged interval.

Why do drone batteries die so quick?

The motive drone batteries die so quick is because of the quantity of vitality required to fly a drone. The blades of drones are often very quick, and which means that they need to rotate at a excessive RPM to generate the carry required to fly. This requires numerous vitality, and rapidly drains the battery.

With this large vitality requirement to fly a drone, you additionally get a build-up of warmth within the batteries, which successfully depletes the vitality that the batteries have saved. This is another excuse your drone’s batteries might not final so long as you’d like.

Can you overcharge a drone battery?

Some individuals overcharge their drone batteries both by mistake or to try to squeeze as a lot flight day trip of the drone as doable. But is that this a good suggestion?

You can overcharge a drone battery, however the impact is that it may considerably shorten the battery’s life span. Overcharging it may additionally trigger it to overheat and probably catch hearth. So overcharging isn’t a good suggestion. 

Unless your drone comes with an clever flight battery that may reduce the ability from the battery as soon as it’s absolutely charged, you must by no means hold the battery on the charger after it signifies that it’s full. 

To sum up, should you aren’t going to make use of your drone battery for some time, it’s necessary to retailer it correctly. Follow the guidelines on this information to maintain your drone battery wholesome and functioning correctly for the long run.

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