DJI Phantom Battery Won’t Charge? Here’s How to Fix It!

DJI Phantom Battery Won’t Charge? Here’s How to Fix It!

So you simply completed flying your DJI Phantom drone or introduced it out of storage and determined to cost up the battery. Then you found that the battery isn’t charging. You are utterly furious as you don’t have any thought why your drone’s battery isn’t charging. We understand how you’re feeling!. And on this article, we’ll be discussing the reason why DJI Phantom batteries might not cost and methods to repair it.

The most typical motive {that a} DJI Phantom battery isn’t charging is definitely a defective charger. Check in case your charger is working and change it if it isn’t. Another frequent answer to battery charging issues is to convey your battery out of hibernation mode if it hasn’t been used shortly. 

Drone batteries have developed over time to develop into very superior. Typically, most batteries are made utilizing a lithium polymer mix as a result of it’s light-weight, costs rapidly and effectively, and likewise has a protracted life span. But with lithium batteries come a lot of upkeep and storage practices that should be carried out to make sure the batteries stay in prime situation for so long as attainable. 

If you don’t perform these upkeep and storage practices, your battery might develop into completely broken. While we all know you’re longing for all of the attainable options to the difficulty of your DJI Phantom battery not charging, it’s vital you perceive all of the the reason why your battery will not be charging. 

Why Isn’t Your DJI Phantom Battery Charging?

So what are the the reason why your drone battery will not be charging? We examine them under. 

Faulty or damaged charger

The very first thing to examine off your listing is whether or not the charger is defective or damaged, as a result of it’s the best concern to detect. Also, defective chargers are some of the frequent the reason why the batteries of many DJI Phantom customers are usually not charging. So in case your DJI battery isn’t charging, the very first thing you must do is to examine in case your charger is working. 

First of all, be sure that the facility outlet/wall socket you’re connecting the charger to is working. Be positive to substantiate this. After you’re positive that the issue isn’t from the wall socket, then plug within the charger, after which you must join a battery that’s turned on.

A battery that’s turned on will likely be flashing purple earlier than it’s related to an influence outlet. Now after the battery has been related and is charging, the flashing purple mild ought to cease. But if the battery remains to be flashing purple and stays purple after connection, then it’s clearly not charging. This most definitely means the charger isn’t working. 

If you don’t have a charged battery helpful to check if the charger is working, you can even use a voltage tester. No voltage implies that your battery is useless

Inconsistent firmware

This is one more reason why your battery will not be charging. If you’ve got been utilizing DJI drones for some time now, you then’ll be acquainted with the DJI GO app. If you get any notification informing you of an “inconsistent firmware”, then this can be the rationale why your battery isn’t charging. Some of your drone’s features could be managed from the DJI app. Head over to PlayStore or AppStore relying in your system, replace the firmware, then head over to the plane firmware in your DJI app and replace it. 

Temperature of the battery is just too scorching to cost

As we mentioned earlier originally of this text, drone batteries have superior loads over time. Manufacturers now embed sensors in batteries to guard the batteries from unsafe charging circumstances. One of such circumstances is charging your drone when the battery is just too scorching. There’s an enormous likelihood of your drone’s battery getting broken when you cost it when it’s too scorching. And there are a selection of the reason why the temperature of your battery could also be too excessive for protected charging. 

Your drone’s battery might get scorching/heat after a flight or when it’s left within the solar. In any of those circumstances, the battery is not going to cost till it has sufficiently cooled down. This is why you must at all times wait to your battery to chill down a bit after flying your drone, earlier than placing it within the charger. 

It’s additionally attainable to your battery to refuse to cost if it’s too chilly, normally under 5°. If that is the case, you’ll have to attend for the battery to heat as much as room temperature which might take as much as 30 hours relying in your location.

High amperage detected

Your battery may additionally not cost if the embedded sensors detect that the amperage is just too excessive. High amperage might harm your batteries. Also, if an alternating present is used to cost the battery, the battery is not going to cost. Alternating present must be transformed to direct present to cost your battery. Your drone charger ought to be capable to make this conversion and if it’s unable to do that, your battery might not cost. But once more, that is technically an issue with the charger, and never the battery.

Damaged or ‘bricked’ battery

You might have heard of bricked batteries earlier than and be questioning what the time period means. Well, a bricked battery is one which has develop into broken and will not be recoverable by means of regular means. So in case your drone battery turns to brick, it’ll be as helpful as brick or in clearer phrases, virtually ineffective. 

There are a lot of the reason why drone batteries might develop into bricked however the most typical is lengthy storage coupled with poor upkeep. There are issues you must do earlier than storing your drone for a very long time to keep up the integrity of the battery. Also, some fundamental upkeep practices should be carried out sometimes. Failure to do that might consequence within the battery changing into utterly discharged. And if a battery is totally discharged, you’ll be unable to cost it utilizing the conventional methodology because the cells would have misplaced their capability to retailer a cost. 

How to Fix a DJI Phantom Battery That’s Not Charging?

We’ve mentioned the assorted the reason why your drone battery will not be charging. Now, it’s time to speak concerning the options. Below are particular methods you possibly can repair the difficulty of your DJI Phantom battery not charging:

Replace defective charger

Faulty or damaged chargers are a quite common explanation for drone batteries not charging. We already mentioned methods to examine in case your charger is working or not earlier on this article. If you discover out that your charger isn’t working, you then’ll need to get one other one. 

Be positive to get good high quality chargers so your battery could be charged safely and effectively.

Bring the battery out of hibernation mode

We’ve been speaking loads concerning the sensors embedded in drone batteries and the way they defend the batteries from excessive amperage and brief circuits. The sensors additionally defend the battery throughout lengthy storage as they stop the cells from being utterly discharged. Should the cells develop into utterly discharged, there’s a excessive likelihood that the battery might develop into completely broken. 

DJI batteries have a hibernation mode that forestalls the cells from being utterly discharged. And that’s the reason a battery that has been saved for a very long time is not going to cost till you convey it out of hibernation mode. And how do you convey the battery out of hibernation mode? It simply takes a little bit of endurance.

You must first know when a DJI battery is in hibernation mode. A stable purple mild is without doubt one of the indications {that a} battery has entered hibernation mode. Wait for about 5 minutes and see if the purple mild goes off. If it does, then it’s one other indication that the battery is in hibernation mode. 

Plug within the battery once more and anticipate a number of hours. The battery will ultimately come out of hibernation mode with out you needing to do something besides wait patiently.

Fixing a bricked battery

You can’t cost a bricked battery by regular means. To cost a bricked battery, you’ll want the next supplies: The bricked LiPo battery, a LiPo steadiness charger, and a NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride Battery) charger.

If you’ve got these instruments out there it needs to be fairly straightforward so that you can get better your drone battery.

Start by first connecting the bricked battery to the NiMH charger. Charge the battery by utilizing the bottom present which is normally 0.1A. Depending on the kind of NiMH charger you’re utilizing, you could possibly choose the output voltage. And if so, select a voltage that’s the identical as your battery’s nominal voltage. 

Your battery ought to have about 3.3 volts per cell after charging for a couple of minutes. Dividing the overall cost of the battery by the variety of cells offers you the cost per cell. So after you get about 3.3 volts per cell, it’s time to make use of the Lithium Polymer steadiness charger after which steadiness cost the battery at 0.5C or 1.0C. 0.5C is safer however will take longer to completely cost your battery than 1.0C.

After you’re performed steadiness charging your battery, then you’re good to go as you now have a working full battery. 

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