DJI Mini 2 Battery (All You Need to Know)

DJI Mini 2 Battery (All You Need to Know) Drone Reviews

The Mini 2 is one among DJI’s most transportable drones but, to not point out it could possibly shoot movies in high-quality 4K. Yet the time will inevitably come when you must recharge your Mini 2’s Intelligent Flight Battery. How do you do it?

To cost a DJI Mini 2 Intelligent Flight Battery, you’ll be able to join it to the DJI Two-Way Charging Hub and cost as much as three batteries without delay. You can even cost the battery by the Mini 2 itself utilizing a USB wire. 

If you could have but extra questions in regards to the DJI Mini 2’s Intelligent Flight Battery, we have now solutions. In this intensive information, we’ll discuss extra in regards to the battery itself, how one can cost it, what the recharge time is, and the way you’ll know when your Mini 2 is low on energy.

Let’s get began!

What Battery Does the DJI Mini 2 Use?

First, let’s discuss in regards to the battery that comes together with your buy of the DJI Mini 2. It’s DJI’s personal Intelligent Flight Battery, a LiPo 2S battery. LiPo is brief for lithium-polymer or lithium-ion polymer. You’ll generally additionally see the sort of battery abbreviated as Li-poly or LIP.

Rather than containing liquid electrolytes, LiPo batteries function a polymer electrolyte. Within the electrolyte is a semisolid gel that’s very conductive. That permits the battery to cost exceptionally effectively.

LiPo batteries are recognized above all else for being light-weight. The battery in your smartphone is a LiPo, as is the case with different cellular units like tablets. Outside of drones and different small plane, you’re more likely to see LiPo batteries in electrical automobiles.

So what does the 2S imply? That’s referring to the truth that the Intelligent Flight Battery contains two cells to a collection. The nominal voltage of 1 LiPo battery cell is 3.7 volts, so by rising it to 2 cells, the voltage is now 7.4 volts. DJI says the Intelligent Flight Battery is rated for as much as 7.7 volts and a charging restrict of 8.8 volts.

The rated capability of the DJI Intelligent Flight Battery is 2250 mAh, with mAh standing for milliamp hours. Most units with a LiPo battery draw 100 milliamps or mAs per hour. In that case, the Intelligent Flight Battery might try this for 22.5 hours.

How to Charge the DJI Mini 2 Battery

Now that you simply’re extra accustomed to the technical aspect of the Mini 2’s Intelligent Flight Battery, let’s delve into the 2 choices you could have for charging the battery when it’s near lifeless. The first is to make use of the DJI Two-Way Charging Hub and the second possibility is to cost whereas nonetheless related to the Mini 2.

Charging the Mini 2 Battery with the DJI Two-Way Charging Hub

The DJI Two-Way Charging Hub shouldn’t be included together with your buy of the Mini 2, so that you’d have to purchase it individually for $39. The Charging Hub we linked you to is made particularly for the Mini 2. If you personal a Charging Hub for one more DJI drone, even the unique Mini, it wouldn’t be appropriate with the Mini 2.

Designed for charging three batteries sequentially, the Two-Way Charging Hub will restore batteries at a price of as much as 29 watts. It may even cost different units with LiPo batteries akin to your telephone.

Here’s how you employ the Two-Way Charging Hub to recharge the Mini 2’s batteries.

Step 1: Begin by eradicating the batteries from the Mini 2 and placing them within the included battery port. You’ll know the batteries are securely within the port whenever you hear a clicking sound.

Step 2: Plug the Two-Way Charging Hub into an influence outlet rated for 100 to 240 volts or 50 to 60 hertz through USB wire and an 18W USB charger which you can purchase from DJI for $15.

Step 3: Check the LED lights on the Two-Way Charging Hub, as they’ll point out when the three batteries are absolutely charged. Keep in thoughts that because the Charging Hub works in sequential order, the battery that’s fullest costs earlier than the others.

Charging the Mini 2 Battery Through the Drone

If you don’t personal a Two-Way Charging Hub or yours is within the mail however has but to reach, you don’t need to maintain your Mini 2 drone on the bottom till then. You can cost the battery by the DJI drone itself. Here’s how.

Step 1: Check that the battery is firmly within the Mini 2.

Step 2: With a micro-USB plug, connect with a supply of AC energy that’s no larger than 240 volts. You may want an influence adapter for this, in order that’s one thing to bear in mind.

Step 3: Allow the Intelligent Flight Battery to cost, watching the LEDs that point out when the batteries are absolutely charged and able to go.

How Long Do DJI Mini 2 Batteries Take to Charge?

You’ve obtained your Mini 2 batteries related to a charger and so they’re presently regaining energy. Should you learn a guide or discover one thing else to do whereas the batteries cost, or do you could be able to seize them off the Two-Way Charging Hub in 10 or quarter-hour?

It definitely received’t be that quick! As you recognize for those who’ve ever drained your smartphone battery to virtually two %, the battery doesn’t climb proper as much as 90 % in a matter of minutes. Since the Mini 2 batteries are LiPo as effectively, it’s a lot the identical story.

If you look in your handbook for the Mini 2, it mentions that the batteries ought to take roughly 4 hours to completely cost. However, some elements can have an effect on charging pace, such because the temperature of the room, the kind of charging cable you employ, and the cost energy.

How Do You Know When the DJI Mini 2 Battery Is Fully Charged?

Since so many elements can influence the Mini 2 battery charging time, you’ll be able to’t essentially wait 4 hours, come again, and anticipate your batteries to be at 100% each single time. What indicators are you able to depend on to inform you the batteries are absolutely charged?

The Two-Way Charging Hub will clearly spell it out for you with its 4 LEDs. Here’s what every LED readout means.

  • The first two LED lights are flashing and the third and fourth are on – the battery is between zero and 50 %
  • The first three LED lights are flashing and the fourth mild is on – the battery is between 50 and 75 %
  • All 4 LEDs are flashing – the battery is between 75 and 100%
  • All 4 LEDs are strong – the battery has completed charging

How to Discharge the DJI Mini 2 Battery

All batteries will self-discharge to an extent, and that features after they’re not plugged right into a supply of energy. Discharging is extra widespread with batteries full of electrolyte fluid, however LiPo batteries can self-discharge as effectively.

The price of discharge is affected not solely by the kind of battery however its ambient temperature as effectively. Once temperatures exceed 131 levels Fahrenheit or 55 levels Celsius, discharge will increase dramatically.

Although a discharged battery loses power and self-discharging is thus typically thought to be unfavourable, it’s not essentially the worst factor that may occur to a LiPo battery. If the battery stays full or is overcharged, it could possibly start to swell.

The fuel and warmth that accumulates within the battery might result in the LiPo battery exploding. The battery might even trigger a hearth in a worst-case situation.

Fortunately, swollen batteries are uncommon, but when you must self-discharge the DJI Mini 2 battery, how do you do it?

It’s easy: to discharge your Mini 2 battery, take it out of the Two-Way Charging Hub. It will slowly self-discharge over time. 

Yes, it truly is as simple as that. This DJI forum thread includes a put up by a consumer who couldn’t get their batteries to discharge. Other customers chimed in and talked about that they left their batteries within the Charging Hub for upwards of a month with out the batteries self-discharging in any respect.

Keep an eye fixed on the battery degree as soon as it’s out of the Charging Hub, as a self-discharging battery is dropping juice little by little. We’ll inform you later how one can decide how a lot energy your Mini 2 batteries have left, so make sure to examine that out!

How to Remove a DJI Mini 2 Battery?

In order to cost your DJI Mini 2 battery within the Two-Way Charging Hub, you first need to take away it from the drone. Some Mini 2 homeowners have discovered that it may be a little bit of a problem to get the battery out of its slot.

In order to get the battery to launch to slip out, there’s a bit tab on the underside of the battery that pushes in. This must be firmly pushed in to launch the lock, then whereas holding the tab in, slide the battery out of the slot.

The battery could really feel like a good slot in a brand new drone, or the tab button could also be a bit stiff, so use sufficient power to completely launch the battery earlier than attempting to slip it out. Whatever you do, don’t attempt to pry the battery out with something, as chances are you’ll harm the drone and/or the battery.

You can even have to push the discharge tab on the battery to take away it from the charging hub when charging is full.

How Long Will a DJI Mini 2 Battery Last?

You waited the requisite 4 hours in your Mini 2 batteries to cost, and now you’re able to fly your drone. How a lot of flight time will you get out of the batteries on common earlier than you must cost them once more?

According to DJI’s website, the Intelligent Flight Battery within the Mini 2 lasts for 31 minutes at a clip. Since the Mini 2 has wind pace resistance options, even in excessive winds, you don’t essentially lose a lot flight time.

The Mini 2 has among the many longest flight instances of any drone in the marketplace, beating out the Sim Too Pro and the Autel Robotics EVO Drone, each of which might fly for half-hour. Even amongst DJI drones, the flight time of the Mini 2 may be very spectacular.

The Phantom 4 flies for less than 28 consecutive minutes, the Mavic Pro for 27 minutes, and the Inspire 2 for 27 minutes. The Phantom 3 Standard has a median flight time of 25 minutes and the Phantom 3 Pro flies for upwards of 23 minutes. None can match the Mini 2!

How to Know When It’s Time to Charge a DJI Mini 2 Battery

How will you recognize when your Mini 2’s battery is about empty? You can lose observe of time when flying a drone, so it’s not like timing yourself for a half-hour would assist.

Worry not, because the Intelligent Flight Battery will inform you courtesy of the DJI Intelligent Battery Management System. This system tracks how a lot energy your drone’s batteries have and signify their standing to you regularly. With a calculation of how far more time you’ll be able to maintain flight together with your drone seen to you in your controller display screen, you’ll know when to securely land the Mini 2 earlier than it’s vulnerable to operating out of juice.

What for those who flew your Mini 2 for less than a bit so you recognize its battery isn’t lifeless, however, you’re curious how far more energy is left? In that case, whenever you get residence, plug your Intelligent Flight Battery into the Two-Way Charging Hub.

The 4 LED lights will point out the battery degree. Here’s the breakdown:

  • All 4 LED lights are on – the battery is at 88 % or over
  • The first three LED lights are on however the fourth one is flashing – the battery is between 75 and 88 %
  • The first three LED lights are on however the fourth one shouldn’t be – the battery is between 63 and 75 %
  • The first two LED lights are on, the third one is flashing, however the fourth mild is off – the battery is between 50 and 63 %
  • The first two LED lights are on however the third and fourth lights should not – the battery is between 38 and 50 %
  • The first LED mild is on, the second mild is flashing, and the third and fourth mild is off – the battery is between 25 and 38 %
  • The first LED mild is on however the different three should not – the battery is between 13 and 25 %
  • The first mild is flashing and the opposite three LEDs are off – the battery is between zero and 13 %

How to Update DJI Firmware for the Mini 2

Remember how earlier we talked about that Mini 2 homeowners have been reporting that their Intelligent Flight Batteries weren’t discharging when left within the Two-Way Charging Hub? That was a major sufficient drawback that DJI is engaged on a firmware replace for the difficulty as of May 2021, says Digital Photography Review. By the way in which, firmware updates on the drone will robotically lengthen to the Intelligent Batteries as effectively.

When a firmware replace is prepared, both that one or one other, how do you replace your Mini 2? Here are the steps to comply with.

Step 1: Connect your Mini 2 through its USB cable, then flip the drone on.

Step 2: Access DJI Fly, which is DJI’s app for the Mini 2, the unique Mini, and the Mavic Air 2.

Step 3: Check for notifications of a brand new firmware replace. Select the choice Firmware Download, then Start Update.

Step 4: Let your drone replace, maintaining it powered on during the replace time.


The DJI Mini 2 contains an Intelligent Flight Battery that many customers cost with the Two-Way Charging Hub. You can even recharge the LiPo batteries by the Mini 2 drone. If you’re new to the fascinating world of DJI drones, we hope this put up helped you higher perceive your battery! For extra details about the DJI Mini 2, read the full review here.

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