DJI Air 2S Battery (All You Need to Know)

DJI Air 2S Battery (All You Need to Know)

DJI Air 2S Battery (All You Need to Know)

The DJI Air 2S is an all-in-one drone with built-in ADS-B Air Sense, four-directional impediment sensing, FHD video transmission, 5.4k-quality video, a CMOS sensor for images, and the MasterShots function. It’s among the best client drones round, however what concerning the battery? What do it’s worthwhile to know?

The DJI Air 2S makes use of an Intelligent Flight Battery, a kind of DJI-produced lithium-ion battery that guarantees 31 consecutive minutes of flight. You can observe battery charging utilizing the DJI Intelligent Battery Management System.

If you’ve gotten extra questions concerning the Air 2S’s battery, we’ve got solutions. In this in depth information, we’ll cowl all matters associated to this DJI drone’s battery, together with easy methods to cost it, how lengthy it takes to cost, and set up error troubleshooting.

Let’s get began! 

What Battery Does the DJI Air 2S Use?

The Air 2S, being a DJI drone, makes use of that producer’s personal Intelligent Flight Battery. This is a high-energy lithium-ion or Li-ion battery. 

Li-ion batteries are frequent in lots of electronics, from electrical vehicles to home equipment, energy instruments, toys, and smartphones. These rechargeable batteries are favored so closely as a result of their self-discharge is low they usually don’t trigger reminiscence results. Their fee of vitality density, which accounts for the vitality saved throughout the battery, can be fairly excessive.

Similar to a LiPo battery, a Li-ion battery makes use of a chemical electrolyte to retailer a cost, however the primary distinction here’s a barely totally different electrolyte. Li-ion batteries are increased density than LiPo batteries, which means they’ll maintain extra cost.

Here’s how a Li-ion battery works. Lithium ions throughout the battery transition from unfavorable to constructive electrodes as you discharge (extra on discharging your battery later). Then, when charging, the lithium ions go from constructive to unfavorable electrodes. 

The unfavorable electrode options graphite whereas the constructive electrode is comprised of intercalated lithium compound. 

When DJI releases a brand new drone, it often comes with its personal model of the Intelligent Flight Battery. That’s not so for the Air 2S. Instead, the Air 2S makes use of the identical battery because the Mavic 2, the Mavic 2 Intelligent Flight Battery.

Boasting a triple-celled polymer Li-ion battery, the Mavic 2 Intelligent Flight Battery options the DJI Intelligent Battery Management System for monitoring the charging progress of your battery. 

The rated capability for the Mavic 2 Intelligent Flight Battery is 40.42 Wh or 3500 mAh. Its rated voltage is 11.55 volts. The battery’s cost temperature ought to stay between 23- and 113-degrees Fahrenheit and its discharge temperature between 14 and 140 levels. 

The Mavic 2 Intelligent Flight Battery retails for $115. However, you get one battery along with your buy of the DJI Air 2S. If you care for it, it ought to final you for some time.  

Built-in safeguards included with the Intelligent Flight Battery make it a safer possibility for charging your Air 2S than is usually the case with a standard LiPo battery. Here is an outline of these included options.

Over-Discharge Protection

Most LiPo and Li-ion batteries will self-discharge when the battery is inactive to guard the well being of the battery (storing at a full cost can injury the battery). But it’s additionally dangerous to let the cost ranges get too low.

The Mavic 2 Intelligent Flight Battery solves this by routinely stopping the auto-discharge if the discharge stage is getting too low whereas the battery is inactive. However, whenever you do use the Air 2S battery, the over-discharge safety shouldn’t be enabled.

Temperature Detection

To preserve ambient temperatures so the battery can function and recharge, the battery will cost solely when temperatures are a minimum of 41 levels or up till it reaches 104 levels.

Overcharge Protection

Li-ion batteries shouldn’t usually even be charged to one hundred pc for the lifetime of the battery, not to mention over one hundred pc. Overcharge safety constructed into the Mavic 2 Intelligent Flight Battery stops the charging when the degrees attain one hundred pc even for those who’re not there to disconnect the battery from the charger.

Balanced Charging

This function ensures that the battery cell voltages stay constant so one cell of the battery isn’t working more durable than the others. By creating even put on like this, your battery will last more. 


As talked about above, the Mavic 2 Intelligent Flight Battery has an auto-discharge function to restrict injury to the battery. If the battery is idle, then the discharge will deliver the battery to 96 % cost on the primary day, then to 60 % if the battery stays idle over 5 days. 

Hibernation Mode

If your battery is idle for 20 minutes, it goes into power-saving mode and turns off. Should the battery proportion be under 5 %, then Hibernation Mode kicks in. Hibernation Mode is designed to stop over-discharging when your battery is idle for lengthy durations. 

By charging the battery once more, you possibly can awaken it from Hibernation Mode. For extra tips about easy methods to get your battery out of hibernation mode, try our article Mavic Pro Battery Won’t Charge: Here’s How to Fix it.

Short Circuit Protection

No brief circuits right here! Attesting to its nature as sensible, the Intelligent Flight Battery can flip off its personal energy provide when it senses a brief circuit to protect your battery. 

How Long Does a DJI Air 2S Battery Last?

Once you cost your Air 2S absolutely, how lengthy will likely be it till you should floor your drone and recharge the battery once more? The Mavic 2 Intelligent Flight Battery guarantees 31 minutes of flight for the Air 2S. 

If you used this Intelligent Flight Battery with the unique Mavic Air 2, then you definately’d get 34 minutes. However, a distinction of three minutes is nothing to separate hairs over. 

How Long Do DJI Air 2S Batteries Take to Charge?

Your 31 minutes glided by in a flash, as you have been having a lot enjoyable utilizing your Air 2S for images and videography. Now it’s time to cost the Mavic 2 Intelligent Flight Battery. How lengthy will this take?

According to DJI, the Air 2S’s battery will likely be absolutely charged in an hour and 40 minutes for those who present the right circumstances for the battery. Although this looks as if a very long time, the Air 2S solely makes use of one battery, so that you’re ready below two hours for it to be prepared.

If you’re employed as knowledgeable drone photographer, videographer, or surveyor, then sure, this downtime might be a problem. For leisure drone pilots although, a two-hour break isn’t going to dissuade you from shopping for the DJI Air 2S. 

If you merely should rise up and flying once more earlier than the 1 hour 40 minute wait is up, you may get an additional battery or two. In truth, for those who get the Fly More Combo, you get 2 additional batteries, for a complete of three. Or you should buy extra batteries separately

How to Remove the DJI Air 2S Battery

You can’t precisely cost the Air 2S battery for those who can’t take away it. So how do you do this?

On the aspect of your Air 2S, you need to see the battery compartment. If that is your first time eradicating the battery, then pushing on the aspect battery buckles may not launch the battery all the best way. 

You’ll have to use extra strain, usually upward, after which pull the battery down whereas nonetheless holding onto the aspect buttons. As you pull the battery compartment down, purpose it in the direction of the drone’s rear. 

The extra you utilize the battery buckles to take away the battery compartment, the simpler the battery will come out. It’s simply the primary few occasions that you just may discover it a bit stiff and should wrestle a bit. 

How to Charge the DJI Air 2S Battery

Now that your Air 2S battery is freed, it’s time to cost it. Exactly how do you do this? Per the DJI Air 2S proprietor’s handbook, listed below are the steps to comply with.

Step 1

Your Mavic 2 Intelligent Flight Battery will embrace an AC energy adapter. Plug that in now to a supply of AC energy that’s 50 to 60 hertz or 100 to 240 volts. 

Step 2

Find your battery charging cable, which needs to be included along with your DJI Air 2S buy if the drone was purchased new. Plug the cable into your AC energy adapter after which to the Mavic 2 Intelligent Flight Battery. The battery needs to be off whenever you do that.

Step 3

Check the LED lights on the Intelligent Flight Battery Management System, which is able to point out how depleted your batteries are. We’ll speak extra about these LED indicators within the subsequent part.

Step 4

Allow the battery to revive energy till it’s absolutely charged. Then you possibly can take away the battery from the charger and unplug the charger. 

Step 5

Put the Mavic 2 Intelligent Flight Battery again in your Air 2S. To do that, open the battery compartment and insert the battery snugly. If the battery wiggles, then push it into place till it’s safe. You’ll hear a click on sound. 

DJI recommends the next when charging the Air 2S battery:

  • Before you progress the battery to its charging port, discharge it to a minimum of 30 %. In different phrases, let the battery deplete that a lot by way of utilization earlier than recharging.
  • Check your temperature. Remember, the Mavic 2 Intelligent Flight Battery consists of temperature safety, so if the temps dip under 40 levels or spike over 104 levels, the battery will cease charging.
  • Let the Intelligent Flight Battery calm down considerably earlier than charging it. DJI says you shouldn’t cost the battery proper after utilizing your Air 2S. The battery needs to be at room temperature when charging. 

How to Know When a DJI Air 2S Battery Is Fully Charged

The Air 2S battery has an Intelligent Flight Battery Management System included, as we’ve touched on. This system lets you observe your battery progress earlier than and whereas the battery expenses. 

The Intelligent Flight Battery Management System makes use of 4 LED lights. When all 4 LEDs flip off, then your battery is absolutely charged. 

Here’s what it means whenever you see the lights on and when a few of them blink or flash.

  • All 4 LED lights are on: the battery is at 88 % or over
  • Three LED lights are on and the fourth is flashing: the battery stage is between 75 to 88 %
  • Three LED lights are on and the fourth is off: the battery stage is between 63 to 75 %
  • Two LED lights are on, the third is flashing, and the fourth is off: the battery stage is between 50 to 63 %
  • Two LED lights are flashing and two are off: the battery stage is between 38 to 50 %
  • One LED gentle is on, the second is flashing, and the final two are off: the battery stage is between 25 to 38 %
  • One LED gentle is on and the opposite three are off: the battery stage is between 13 to 25 %
  • One LED gentle is flashing and the opposite three are out: the battery is between 0 to 13 % 

How to Discharge a DJI Air 2S Battery

The auto-discharge function of the Air 2S battery is a safeguard and never what you need to depend on to discharge the battery until essential. 

Discharging a battery reduces its vitality or voltage. This is one thing that occurs naturally everytime you use your batteries and even whenever you don’t. If you’ve ever observed that your smartphone battery progressively dwindles even for those who’re barely on it, that is an instance of discharging.

Many drone house owners discharge their batteries earlier than touring, however how do you do it? To discharge the Mavic 2 Intelligent Flight Battery, you’ve gotten a number of choices. 

In a pinch, you possibly can at all times take off the propellers of the Air 2S and let the rotor spin till the batteries die. However, this places pointless pressure on the rotor that may, over time, shorten the lifetime of your drone. Yes, even DJI drones can break. 

What we suggest as a greater technique of routinely discharging your battery to a secure stage for journey or storage is to purchase an influence financial institution adapter from DJI (which costs $30 or less on Amazon) after which plugging in your smartphone or pill. When the facility financial institution adapter is on, your pill or cellphone can cost and suck up the Intelligent Flight Battery’s energy. 

Heat is regular when discharging, in accordance with DJI, so don’t be afraid in case your batteries really feel a bit of heat. Avoid dealing with them till they calm down. 

How to Do Firmware Updates on a DJI Air 2S Battery

DJI makes use of firmware for its multitude of drones. Every every now and then, you’ll should replace your Air 2S firmware to maintain the drone present. 

To do that, you’ll have to obtain the DJI Fly App, which is free. Here’s the obtain hyperlink courtesy of the DJI Download Center on their official web site. You can use the DJI Fly App for each Android and Apple units.

Once you’ve gotten the app downloaded, arrange, and working, join your Air 2S drone to the DJI Fly App. If there’s a firmware replace, the app will point out as a lot.

You can replace your Air 2S’s firmware by following the directions supplied to you thru the app. You should have an Internet connection and a distant management linked to your drone to replace the firmware. 

Firmware updates to the drone will routinely embrace any related updates to the battery.

DJI Air 2S Battery Installation Error – What to Do

Unfortunately, generally after pulling your DJI Air 2S out of the field and getting it prepared for flight, you’re greeted with an error that states the next: “Battery set up error. Aircraft unable to take off. Ensure battery is put in correctly.”

By trying on the error particulars, you’ll see this message: “Battery put in incorrectly. Detach battery and reinstall it (Code 30068).”

What does this imply and what do you have to do now? Well, first, it’s price checking to see in case your batteries are nonetheless in Hibernation Mode. Before utilizing the Mavic 2 Intelligent Flight Battery for the primary time, you need to put it on the charger to disengage Hibernation Mode.

If that doesn’t do it, then there is perhaps one thing defective along with your battery. Contact DJI for a alternative. 


The DJI Air 2S makes use of the Mavic 2 Intelligent Flight Battery to supply 31 minutes of flight and to recharge in below two hours. Now that you just higher perceive your drone’s battery, you possibly can maintain the battery in good condition so it will probably maintain powering your Air 2S for a very long time to come back!

Image Credit: DJI

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