Can You Bring a Drone to Aruba? (What You Need to Know)

Can You Bring a Drone to Aruba? (What You Need to Know) Drone Tips
Can You Bring a Drone to Aruba? (What You Need to Know)Can You Bring a Drone to Aruba? (What You Need to Know)

If you’ve gotten a drone and are headed to a wonderful trip spot like Aruba, you most likely wish to use your drone to get superior photos and movies. Before packing up your drone, it’s a good suggestion to seek out out when you can convey a drone to Aruba. Well, we’ve received some excellent news for you.

According to Aruba’s Department of Civil Aviation (DCAA), it’s authorized for vacationers to convey and fly a drone in Aruba, however all drone flights have to be given permission by the DCAA by way of e mail not less than in the future earlier than the deliberate flying exercise. The drone pilot should abide by sure guidelines so as to fly. 

As you may see, it is a bit more sophisticated than simply displaying up and flying your drone. If you’re going to Aruba with a drone, there are some issues you have to do earlier than you fly, together with getting permission and being positive you’ve gotten an area cellular phone.

How to get permission from DCAA to fly a drone in Aruba

You can fly your drone as a vacationer in Aruba, however you have to obtain permission first. In order to obtain permission, you have to submit a request by way of e mail not less than in the future earlier than you intend to fly. Send the next info in an e mail to the Department of Civil Aviation to Willem Vrolijk ( or Anthony Kirchner ( :

  • The title of the particular person or firm to whom the permission is to be issued.
  • The sort of drone that’s going to be operated.
  • The goal (or intention) of the requested drone working allow.
  • The most top at which the drone can be operated. Usually, the DCAA doesn’t give permission to fly greater than 200 toes. Exceptions might be made solely after session with the DCAA.
  • The title of the drone operator (this may be the identical as the primary requirement)
  • A native (from Aruba) cellular phone quantity (see subsequent heading).
  • The drone operation website (the place you can be flying).
  • The date, time, and period of the drone operation for Air Traffic planning functions. See examples under:Examples:
    Eagle Beach: August 23, 2021, 9:00-11:00
    OR Baby Beach: August 23, 2021, 15:00-17:00
    OR Arashi Beach: August 24, 2021, 09:00-12:00You also can request a date and time as follows:
    Dates: August 23-28, 2021
    Locations: Eagle Beach, Baby Beach, Arashi Beach
    Time: 09:00-12:00

How can I get an area (from Aruba) cellular phone quantity?

In order to get permission to fly a drone in Aruba, you want an area cellular phone quantity (see above). An worldwide cellphone quantity or a landline is not going to work. It have to be an area cellular phone quantity the place the Control Tower may contact you in case of emergency throughout your flight. The management tower can’t make worldwide cellphone calls, so your personal worldwide mobile phone is not going to be ok.

The excellent news is you can hire a cell phone or purchase an area SIM card (the value is about $20 with about $6 of calling included) at one of many native phone corporations SETAR or DIGICEL. These have branches on the airport, or you may e mail SETAR at or name them at +297-525-1000 to seek out out extra from them. Your resort may additionally have the opportunity that can assist you receive an area cell phone.

What are the principles for flying drones in Aruba?

Aruba flight guidelines are just like others world wide. Here are some primary worldwide guidelines that Aruba abides by:

  • Maintain a visible line of sight (VLOS) when working a drone. When using the “First Person View (FPV) expertise, a second particular person shall act as an observer.
  • Never function in Prohibited or Restricted Areas, particularly close to the airport (not inside 4 kilometers/2.4 miles).
  • Never function within the neighborhood of plane, over navy, police or emergency installations, over teams (accumulation) of individuals, stadiums, or sports activities occasions.
  • Never function close to emergency response efforts equivalent to fires, accidents, and so forth.
  • Never function inebriated or medication.
  • Never function your drone in such a means, that might endanger folks or property.
  • Never function your drone in wet or stormy climate or in excessive low visibility.
  • Never function your drone at night time.
  • Never fly over personal property and/or breach privateness legal guidelines.
  • Always carry out a “Preflight Check” earlier than every flight to verify that the drone is working correctly.
  • Only drones working within the frequencies 2.4 and 5.8 GHz are permitted to function in Aruba.

What are some widespread websites to fly a drone on the island of Aruba?

Aruba is extremely stunning, so after all, you wish to get nice aerial pictures of this island paradise. Here are some nice locations to fly a drone in Aruba:

  • On the east facet: Baby Beach, Rogers Beach, Boca Grandi, Colorado Lighthouse.
  • On the west facet: Eagle Beach, Palm Beach, Arashi Beach, Druif Beach, California Lighthouse.
  • Other places: Casibari Rock Formation, Natural Bridge, Bushiribana Ruins, Mangel Halto.

Where is it prohibited to fly a drone in Aruba?

Just like with some other location, there are some locations that you shouldn’t fly your drone. In Aruba, no leisure drone operations are permitted within the Aruba Arikok National Park. To function a drone within the Aruba Arikok National Park for functions apart from leisure or private functions, particular permission is required. Without permission from the park service, the DCAA is unable to grant permission to function in that space.

If it’s worthwhile to get permission to fly within the Arikok National Park, you may attain Mr. Tyson Lopez by way of email at or by cellphone at +297-585-1234. If the National Park provides permission, you’d then have to get permission from the DCAA as effectively.

If you wish to fly your drone at one of many motels, you have to get written (e-mail) permission from the resort. You ought to contact the resort to obtain that permission earlier than contacting the DCAA.

Can I fly FPV in Aruba?

If you wish to fly First Person View in Aruba, you have to get permission (as with all drone flights) from the DCAA, in addition to being positive that you’ve a second particular person accessible to function a spotter. The spotter should keep the visible line of sight of the drone always and be inside shut proximity of the pilot who is working the drone to have the ability to talk with her or him.

Are there rules for small drones versus giant drones in Aruba?

The Department of Civil Aviation in Aruba doesn’t make a distinction between the load or dimension of the drone. This implies that even when your drone weighs underneath 250 grams, you continue to want to use for approval by the DCAA so as to fly it legally.

Do I have to register my drone in Aruba?

At the time of writing this text, Aruba doesn’t require the registration of drones so as to function within the nation. The DCAA has acknowledged that they’ll start to require the registration of drones sooner or later, so control the DCAA website so as to know for positive if this regulation has modified.

Can I take photographs and movies from a drone in Aruba?

Taking photos and movies of Aruba from a drone is allowed, however the drone operator should concentrate on privateness legal guidelines and make sure you function in a fashion that’s compliant with these legal guidelines.

Do I would like insurance coverage to fly a drone in Aruba?

It is strongly advisable that the drone operator (or firm) is roofed by an insurance policy as a result of the drone operator is liable for protected conduct throughout every flight and should keep away from collisions with folks, buildings, or objects. The operator can be accountable to not breach privateness legal guidelines in Aruba.

Who do I contact in Aruba if I’ve extra questions?

You can contact the DCAA by way of the next emails:

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