Book: FPV Flight Dynamics by Christian Mollica

Book: FPV Flight Dynamics by Christian Mollica

From the title of the ebook “FPV Flight Dynamics”, I initially thought it was an advanced “doctoral thesis” on how multirotors fly, however in truth it’s a enjoyable learn simply concerning the absolute fundamentals of FPV drones.

It’s a really complete information that covers most matters about FPV, from the overview of various kinds of drones and all of the parts, to how the drone reply to your stick inputs and learn how to carry out sure FPV methods.

It’s an excellent learn for nearly anybody within the passion, particularly new comers who wish to get a basic understanding of the passion in a scientific style.

This ebook is actually spectacular. As somebody who additionally make written content material for FPV, I can inform there’s an infinite quantity of labor and energy that went into this ebook. The content material is effectively structured, the language is straightforward to grasp, and it’s obtained some actually wonderful artworks.

You can check out the preview to get a style:

You can get a tough copy for $29.99:

You also can discover the eBook copy for less than $9.99 on Amazon Kindle, Apple Books or Google Play Books.

Massive thanks to the Author, Christian Mollica, for sending me a signed copy of this ebook, it’s been an pleasant learn! He’s additionally an FPV pilot himself and has a YouTube channel by the title “VespulaFPV”, you must test it out.