Best Drone Camera Filters For Landscape Photography Explained

Best Drone Camera Filters For Landscape Photography Explained

Using drone lens filters for aerial panorama images will deliver the standard of your photographs and video to the subsequent degree.  This publish takes you thru the varied varieties and finest digicam filters, explaining how and when to make use of every filter.

The info right here gives you a stable understanding of the varied lens filters for panorama images, whether or not utilizing a drone or floor based mostly digicam images.

Below, we now have some terrific movies explaining the varied kinds of lens filters and examples of digicam filters.

Then with a little bit of some observe utilizing the several types of lens filters, you’ll turn into an actual skilled.

When you’re producing nice photographs and video with the help of the varied kinds of drone lens filters, then you may enter some massive aerial images competitions.  One of one of the best with nice prizes is the Skypixel Competition run by DJI.  The costs actually are superior.

To help rising your data on perfecting your digicam settings and strategies, go to our dronezon aerial images collection of articles.

If you need to improve to the newest drone, which have the newest and best cameras for aerial cinematography, then take a look at this high drones with gps and 4k digicam article.

Types Of Camera Lens Filters For Landscape Photography Explained

Lens filters have been extensively utilized by each beginner {and professional} photographers since means earlier than digital images arrived on the scene. Most individuals who work so much with picture software program find out about filters from these functions equivalent to Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and Instagram to call a couple of.

These functions attempt to emulate the appear and feel of sure kinds of digicam filters by digital means in post-production. It typically works, however principally doesn’t.

Real lens filters are hooked up in entrance of the lens, in order that they alter the sunshine hitting the digicam sensor. There are all types of digicam filters: some improve colours, whereas others cut back reflections, block the UV gentle, or can help you seize mesmerizing infrared images.

Whatever the case is, crucial factor you should bear in mind when utilizing digicam lens filters is the truth that they alter the best way your digicam sees the scene.  It additionally implies that you should modify the settings in your digicam accordingly to get publicity.

Types of Camera Filters

Camera filters are sometimes categorized by the best way they connect to the lens or the impact they provide to your picture.

Screw On Camera Lens Filters

Screw on filters come in numerous sizes, equivalent to totally different digicam lenses. A lens with a 52 mm mount can solely work with 55 mm filters. If you will have a number of lenses of various sizes, the sort of filters can find yourself costing you some huge cash.

The second kind of filter is within the type of a sheet of glass, which slides into lens adapters. The glass itself can be utilized with adapters of all sizes, and the adapters are pretty cheap.

Now, you may as well subdivide filters in keeping with their form. The most typical kind are round filters, however you may as well get sq. and rectangular filters.

Lens Filters Examples And Camera Filter Kits

Most producers provide a digicam filter package, which would come with the lens filter ring adapter, a microfiber cleansing material and a carrying pouch.  A lens filter package would come with one thing like the next;

  • Ultraviolet UV
  • Circular Polarizer CPL
  • Neutral Density (ND2, ND4, ND8)
  • Close Up Macro
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange

Specific Drone Camera Filters

Manufacturers of digicam filters design particularly for a specific digicam or drone.  Len filters, for instance are made particularly for the GoPro digicam or DJI drones.

You can view the varied kinds of drone digicam filters accessible on the beneath hyperlink;

DJI drones are by far the most well-liked drones in the marketplace.  They have over 70% of the patron and aerial cinematography market.  Therefore you may see an enormous vary of digicam filters designed for DJI drones.  It’s one more reason for going with DJI.  There are many aerial landscapes which solely a filter can seize completely.

Drone Camera Filters For Landscape Photography

Camera Filters Types For Aerial Or Ground Photography

Strickland Falls Shadows Lifted Using Landscape ND FilterYou can purchase all kinds of lens filters, however solely a few of them are extensively used for panorama images.

These embody UV filters, which enhance readability and supply further lens safety. There are additionally particular results filters  such because the infrared filter, which dramatically alter the looks of a scene to create distinctive visible results.

When working with digicam filters at first, take notes of what every filter does with you.  Practice with every filter.

After a short time, you’ll know precisely which filter you want for every panorama.

Think, plan and attempt to imaginative and prescient the kind of scene you’ll encounter earlier than you fly. If you propose, you’ll know what filter to connect to your drone digicam.

Neutral Density (ND) Camera Lens Filter

A impartial density filter, or ND filter, preserves colours, whereas modifying the depth of sunshine. Photographers use the ND filter o take completely uncovered photographs in conditions the place they’d in any other case be pressured to stay with a sure mixture of aperture and publicity time. The most typical instance which involves thoughts are images of rivers or waterfalls underneath vivid daylight.

A neutral-density filter permits for an extended publicity time, thus creating a surprising impact of operating water.  The Waterfall image above is the work of JJ Harrison, which exhibits the attractive impact of utilizing an ND filter.

Graduated Neutral Density (GND) Camera Lens Filter

A graduated neutral-density filter, also called a graduated ND filter, is similar to a neutral-density filter. The solely actual distinction is that the GND filter has a variable gentle transmission, making it extraordinarily helpful for photos that embody a brightly lit horizon with a darker panorama.

The filter evens out the surroundings and prevents the sky from being overexposed and the panorama from being underexposed.

Graduated impartial density filters are also called ND Grads. Here is one other terrific article with movies to develop your data on graduated ND filters.

Warming / Cooling Camera Lens Filter Types

This kind of digicam lens filter modifications the colour temperature of the scene, which can be utilized so as to add a bit of heat to a cloudy panorama or to appropriate an unrealistic colour solid.

Warming and cooling filters impact the white stability within the picture and most DSLR cameras right this moment have a function to robotically modify the white stability.

However, some conditions should still name for colour filters, equivalent to having to cope with uncommon lighting.  If you’re taking pictures in a RAW file format, you may be tempted to skip this filter and modify the colour temperature throughout post-processing, however you’re risking introducing noticeable picture noise in sure colour channels.

More info on the varied heat / cool filters beneath.

Circular And Linear Polarizers Camera Filter Types

Filters For Landscape Photography ExplainedA polarizing filter is a will need to have device for panorama images. It is the primary filter which panorama photographers purchase to immediately enhance their photos.  The polarizing digicam filter provides vividness and distinction to your images.

Polarizing filters suppress glare and reflection from surfaces equivalent to lakes, rivers, sea, glass and even e book spines. This filter can even darken a blue sky.  It additionally reduces the reflection of daylight coming off shiny leaves when you have been filming inexperienced vegetation in sunny climate.

It does this by decreasing the quantity of mirrored gentle, which passes by to the digicam sensor.  What you get in consequence is a noticeably improved saturation and refined modifications to the stability of the sunshine within the image.

For all regular lenses which have a filter thread within the entrance, you will get a round polarizing filter, also called a “round polarizer”. A round polarizer could be very straightforward to make use of and when you connect it on the entrance of your lens, all you should do is rotate it clockwise or counter-clockwise to get a unique quantity of polarization.

See the final video on the backside of this publish for a terrific rationalization on polarizing filter varieties.

Close-Up Macro Camera Filters

While chances are you’ll hardly ever use an in depth up filter whereas doing aerial images, it could be simply effectively price having a set for that when in a lifetime shot. Close up digicam filters can typically be purchased as a separate package.  An in depth up package typically embody 4 shut up macro filters of accelerating magnification equivalent to (+1,+2,+4,+10).

These close-up macro lens filters enable for detailed shut up macro photographs of small objects equivalent to bugs, cash, flowers, and so forth.  They even have a stack-able design, so you may mix filters to realize most magnification. For instance, +2 plus +4 will turn into +6.

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Lens filters are a beautiful means how one can tremendously improve the general high quality of your panorama aerial photos. Try out the varied lens filters at totally different instances of the day and discover out the filters which counterpoint your aerial images.  Over time your data will construct till you turn into an actual lens filter skilled.

Colored Camera Lens Filter Types

  • Yellow Contrast Camera Filter – Gives a refined distinction increase and is really useful for panorama and foliage.
  • Red Lens Filter – Darkens blue creating dramatic distinction between sky and clouds.  It additionally creates larger distinction between flowers and foliage.
  • Blue Blending Camera Filter – Designed for vivid contrasting landscapes. Selectively add blue colour extra exactly than polarizing filters for many pure hues.
  • Purple Lens Camera Filter – Helps with aerial images optical resin to offer actual sharpness to photographs.
  • Light Green Camera Filter – Darkens sky in distinction to clouds.  It is a fundamental distinction filter, primarily to be used with black and white movie.
  • Orange Len Filter – Generally may be used for panorama and architectural images on black and white movie. Originally meant to be used with black and white movie, this filter absorbs blue and blue greens and renders blue tones darker as in marine scenes.

Videos – Camera Lens Filters Explained

Next up and to complete is a few movies with nice explanations and examples on utilizing digicam lens filters for panorama images.

This first video explains all about utilizing polarized lens filters, that are so crucial in aerial panorama images.


Now to complete this publish, here’s a terrific video which some nice sensible examples on utilizing numerous lens filters for panorama images.

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