Bebop 2 Battery Not Charging (Reasons and How to Fix It)

Bebop 2 Battery Not Charging (Reasons and How to Fix It)

You have simply had some enjoyable flying your drone, however whenever you plug within the battery to cost, for no cause they gained’t appear to cost. Bebop 2 batteries are Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries. This signifies that the batteries should be dealt with and saved with care to maximise their lifetime.

If your Bebop battery shouldn’t be charging, learn on for a step-by-step course of on easy methods to establish the issue and repair your Bebop 2 battery.

Why Your Parrot Bebop 2 Battery isn’t Charging

There are two fundamental causes that might be inflicting your battery to fail to cost. Your drone battery is probably not charging due to:

1.       A damaged or defective charger

2.       A broken battery attributable to poor upkeep, injury, or ageing.

Let’s focus on easy methods to establish which drawback you’re dealing with and easy methods to repair it.

1. A Broken or Faulty Charger

This is often a simple situation to establish. Do a little bit of investigation to search out out in case your charger is damaged. The steps to find out if that is the issue are much like all drone chargers. Here’s what it’s essential do:

  1. Plug the charger in a socket that you’re positive is working accurately; that’s, the socket shouldn’t be defective.
  2. Then join a battery that’s turned on. Before connecting to the charger, the turned on battery must be flashing purple.
  3. Continued purple flashing by the battery after connecting to the charger signifies that the charger shouldn’t be offering energy to the battery.

Another approach to verify and see if the charger is the supply of the difficulty is to make use of a voltage tester. This will assist inform you if the issue is the charger. If there isn’t any voltage, it might probably solely imply that your battery charger shouldn’t be functioning.

However, if the charger passes the checks and is working completely, it should imply that the issue lies with the drone battery itself. If the battery fails the next checks, it would most certainly imply that it’s essential buy a brand new one.

2. “Bricked” or Damaged Battery

A bricked battery signifies that the battery has become a brick. When your battery is bricked, it’s as useful as a brick. If that is the case, nevertheless, all shouldn’t be essentially misplaced – there’s nonetheless a risk of reviving the bricked battery.

A drone battery would possibly get bricked if it has been saved for a very long time with out getting used, poorly maintained, or perhaps broken. Chances are often that it has gone right into a deep discharge mode, and the cells of the battery have misplaced their storage capability and can’t be recharged utilizing the usual technique.

How to repair a Lithium Polymer Battery

The instruments you will want to revive your battery embrace:

  1. The bricked LiPo battery.
  2. A LiPo steadiness charger.
  3. A Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery (NiMH) charger.

Follow these steps to revive your bricked battery:                   

  1. Connect the LiPo battery plug to the Nickel Metal Hydride battery charger and begin charging with the bottom doable present, often 0.1A. If you may choose the voltage output out of your charger, choose a voltage that matches your LiPo battery’s nominal voltage.
  2. After about two minutes of charging, your battery ought to recuperate to about 3.3 volts per cell. To verify this, divide the entire voltage of your battery by the variety of cells.
  3. When the voltage per cell is about 3.3 volts, you may transfer it to the Lithium Polymer steadiness charger and steadiness the cost at a ranking of 0.5C. This will take longer to cost than charging at 1C, but it surely’s safer.
  4. When the steadiness cost has completed balancing, you need to have a recovered Lithium Polymer battery.

How to Prevent Battery Damage

Some of the methods to stop battery injury and enhance its lifespan embrace:

  1. Store your battery accurately.
  2. Do not proceed utilizing the battery if it’s visibly broken in any means. This might embrace swelling or leaking.
  3. Do not let your drone battery get moist.
  4. Only use the official charger of the drone firm to cost your drone battery. Different chargers cost at totally different voltages, therefore a generic or alternate model might injury your battery.
  5. After flying, don’t cost it instantly. You ought to first let it settle down for a while earlier than charging.
  6. When charging, you need to hold checking the standing bar to stop overcharging the drone battery as this might injury it.
  7. When planning to retailer the battery for a while with out utilizing it, you need to depart the battery with a cost of about 40 to 60 p.c since they have a tendency to self-degrade when unused for an prolonged interval.

How to Increase the Lifetime of a Battery

  1. Store the battery with no less than 20% cost
  2. Fully cost the battery earlier than utilizing it the primary time
  3. Do not cost when the battery remains to be heat
  4. Recharge the battery after utilizing it
  5. Do not use a swollen or leaking battery.

Storing a LiPo battery

Before storing your battery, there are some things to ensure of, like first recharging it first. If the battery degree is at 60% even after you’ve gotten completed utilizing it, don’t fear, your battery must be mechanically programmed to discharge right down to a advisable storage degree after not getting used for a number of days.

Keep re-checking your battery cost degree no less than as soon as monthly. If it’s under 40%, you need to recharge it to keep away from damaging the battery.

Also, keep away from storing a battery unused for greater than three months as this might additionally trigger everlasting injury to it.

Storing Batteries For Traveling

Before touring on an airplane together with your drone batteries, there are some issues it’s essential do to retailer them properly and keep away from being flagged down on the airport verify. Here are among the issues you will want to do:

  1. Before touring, ensure your batteries are discharged to storage ranges that are round 60%
  2. You can tape up the gold plates to stop the batteries from short-circuiting as an additional security measure.
  3. The FAA flight guidelines additionally say that you need to retailer your batteries safely to stop them from being broken. The finest means is to retailer the batteries in a fireproof drone journey case or a digital camera bag; you can too hold them within the battery sleeve.
  4. Never depart the batteries unattended.
  5. Keep your batteries the place will probably be simple to take them out for the luggage verify, as you could be required to take away them to point out them to TSA brokers.
  6. Also, you may name your airline to search out out if they’ve any flight insurance policies on drones. Most airways require spare batteries to journey in your carry-on, and never in your checked baggage. 
  7. Make positive you print out the TSA’s drone battery laws. It’s not unprecedented to come back throughout a couple of brokers who usually are not conscious of their very own guidelines and laws. It will assist scale back arguments.

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How to Charge Parrot Bebop 2 Battery Properly

For optimum charging, simply connecting the battery to the charger shouldn’t be sufficient – there are a couple of different issues to bear in mind. First, use solely the Bebop 2’s official charger. It has a characteristic that ensures the battery is wholesome. Also, don’t hold a charged battery close to flammable materials or unattended.

Charging a brand new battery

When a battery is new, it’s often shipped at a cost of about 40%.  For the primary few occasions you employ the battery, don’t utterly discharge it. To optimize a battery’s capability, it’s important to maintain it at its optimum situation.

A LiPo battery has a lifetime of roughly 300 cost cycles however will even rely in your battery upkeep.

When to cost a discharged battery

After utilizing a battery, you will want to recharge it; if it’s nonetheless heat, it’s an indication that you need to depart it for a while earlier than charging it.

Since batteries will are inclined to lose a few of their cost when unused, the very best time to cost your batteries is shortly earlier than you propose to make use of them, just like the day earlier than or a number of hours earlier than your deliberate flight. 

How lengthy does it take to cost your battery absolutely?

To absolutely cost your battery, you will want about 50 minutes. It’s a finest observe to totally cost the battery earlier than connecting to your drone, moderately than charging it up partially, after which having a shortened flight time. 

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