Are usually Drones Legal In Mexico For Foreigners?

Are usually Drones Legal In Mexico For Foreigners? Drone Tips
Are usually Drones Legal In Mexico For Foreigners?

Planning a trip to Mexico soon and want to get breathtaking pictures and videos of the beautiful beaches and traditional sites with your drone? If yes, then halt before you get your drone confiscated.

Since December first, 2018, ALL foreign nationals including the U. S are no longer allowed to fly their drones in Mexico. This consists of Cancun and Cozumel. For anyone to be able to journey a drone inside Mexico they have to become registered with the DGCA. And only Mexican residents can register .

Now really does this mean you won’ t be able to take your drone into Mexic? Not at all. Officially, you’ re permitted to travel with your drone to Mexico. Yet what’ s the idea? Once you’ re there, legally you won’ t have the ability to fly it.

Can You Take Your Rhyme In Your Bag In order to Mexico?

Yes, you can, however , when you’ re intending to follow the laws after that there’ s simply no point. Your treadmill will just sit down in your bag. Unless you know someone that lives in Mexico that has their Mexican drone license and is registered with Mexico’s Directorate Common of Civil Aeronautics.

In the event that you’ re planning on taking your drone straight into Mexico, make sure you adhere to these drone journey tips:

  1. Make sure you bring proof of purchase to exhibit that you’ ve bought your drone more than 6 months ago. If you can’ p prove this you’ ll get hit with import 16% tax.
  2. Make sure you stick to the rhyme battery limit rule. Most airports will simply allow you to take a complete of 3 li (symbol) batteries depending on the power of the battery I actually wrote a full manual on drone battery power limits when journeying in this post.
  3. Make sure you check your air travel for any additional drone policies or laws before booking your flight. They are continuously changing these laws and regulations. Give them a call!
  4. Print out TSA drone insurance policies and keep them with a person during the trip. Many TSA agents don’ t know their own rules. So if they actually get them wrong, pleasantly show them otherwise.
  5. If you’ re taking a rhyme as a gift, NEVER wrap it. TSA will need to look at the rhyme. So unless you would like them to unwrap it for you, keep it unwrapped. On top of that, if it is gift wrapped, you’ ll be asking for the particular 16% import taxes.

That covers some of the more important things you need to know to make sure your trip runs smoothly. But now that you’ re in Mexico, what are the dangers? Should you fly your drone?

What Are The Risks When Traveling Your Drone in Mexico?

Thinking about flying your treadmill in Mexico anyhow? Think again. Unless you’ re going to be completely isolated from all other people, this might not be worth the risk.

If you fly a drone in South america without being registered, getting your drone confiscated may be the least of your concerns. Y

You could be fined up to $21, 000 . And if you know Mexico, you’ ll know that they’ ll move lightly on international nationals.

INSIDER SUGGESTION: If you want to fly a treadmill with a clear mind, the best tip I could give you is to make a friend that lives in Mexico. Get them to get a drone license and you’ ll avoid a lot of hassle.

Tips When Flying Your Drone in Mexico Video can’ t be packed because JavaScript is definitely disabled: Can you Have a DRONE to SOUTH AMERICA? (2019) (

Ok ok, you’ re probably going to fly your rhyme in Mexico anyways. You’ ve learn all the stories within drone forums about how exactly many people are getting aside with it.

Or else you know someone that’ s already signed up as a drone preliminary in Mexico with DGCA that can vouch for you. If that’ s the case, here are some tips to keep your air travel on the down-low to prevent attention and problems.

01. Voyage your drone while early in the morning as possible before everyone’ t up and walking about:

I stumbled upon this on a couple of forums. A lot of people would fly their drones early in the morning prior to the beaches get crowded. Just make sure it’ s not still darkish. This is illegal!

02. Know the Mexican drone laws so that you don’ t stick out like a sore browse:

This one is really a no brainer. If you follow the laws you’ ll more than likely stay under the radar. I’ ve noticed many of the laws are similar to the particular U. S drone laws. So if you’ re from the U. S and you’ ve been flying drones for a while, you need to be good.

Here are Mexicos most common drone laws:

  • Just fly when it’ s daylight.
  • Don’ p fly your drone more than 1, five hundred feet away and keep it in sight.
  • Make sure you ask your hotel what their drone procedures are. And avoid traveling close to hotels and resorts that you’ re not remaining in.
  • USUALLY DO NOT intentionally cause damage to any people or house.
  • Remain 5 miles away from any airports or even flight routes.
  • Stay away from historic sites.
  • Don’ t take off higher than 400 foot above the ground.
  • Make sure you’ re over 18 years old.
  • Don’ t attempt to fly a rhyme over 2kgs or even 4. 4 pounds.
  • Don’ t fly near to a group of 12 or even more people.
  • Don’ t soar closer than nine hundred meters or 984 yards to a helipad.

Stick to those two suggestions and you should be great. But don’ p hold me to it! There’ s frequently a risk.

Drones Weighing Under 250 grams or 0. 55 lbs

What about drones weighing under 0. 55 grams? Are you able to fly them to South america? Well technically yes. The new law declares;

Federal law needs that any small unmanned aircraft (drones) weighing more than. fifty five pounds and lower than 55, be authorized and marked using a registration number, possibly by registering on-line or by using the legacy paper based registration procedure.

Federal Drone Regestration

So technically talking, if your drone is usually less than 0. fifty five pounds you should be fine. Unfortunately, this will leave out most drones. In case you’ ve had to get a drone permit in the U. T in the past, chances are your drone weighs more than 0. 55 pounds.

But if it’ s not, have a blast. You’ lso are good to go.

Where Can I fly inside Mexico?

There’ s no official map of where one can fly, so you’ ll just have to resort to a map to can’ t.

There are five main areas you need to avoid at all cost:

  • Air-ports and helipads
  • Historical websites, monuments, and museums.
  • Hectic beaches
  • Residential areas
  • Hotels plus Holiday resorts

Mexico is extremely protective of its historical sites, so be especially cautious here. Just because there’ ersus not many people are around it doesn’ testosterone mean you’ lmost all get away with it.

If you avoid these areas you’ ll avoid most of the difficulty.

Methods to Register a Drone in Mexico?

If you’ lso are not a Mexican resident, then this is impossible. However , if you know somebody in Mexico and you want to give them direction, or if you’ re a Mexican citizen, then here’ h how to register your drone with the DGCA:

  1. Complete the registration request form right here.
  2. Check out all relevant paperwork. Copy of ID card, drone possession documents.
  3. Email document to rpas@sct. gob. mx.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: You can also use DGCA online rhyme registration form right here.

If you have every other questions about the process, contact Mexico’s Directorate General of Municipal Aeronautics (DGCA) directly. Here are their get in touch with details gobmx@funcionpublica. gob. mx / +52 5 687 7660.

May an US Citizen fly a drone in Mexico?

All foreign nationals and U. S citizens can’ t fly drones in Mexico since the new drone laws and regulations were released and enforced on the first December 2018 with the DGCA.

Can Mexican travel drones in Mexico?

Once a local citizen inside Mexico registers their own drone with the DGCA, they are free to take off a drone if they happen to be over 18 years of age and if they use other drone laws and regulations.

May i bring my rhyme to Cancun?

You may period drone to Cancun, however , if you are not signed up with Mexico’s Directorate General of Civil Aeronautics you won’ t be allowed to fly on an airline it.

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