All about DJI’s Point of Interest clever drone flight mode

All about DJI’s Point of Interest clever drone flight mode

In this new collection of posts, we can be wanting into DJI’s clever flight modes to study why they its exist and the way or when to make use of them. This article accommodates some affiliate hyperlinks which helps Dronemade hold free and energy ever extra drone sources to you.

Point of Interest was an actual success and is till immediately a extremely good motive for purchasing drones made by DJI. Have you ever tried to movie someone or one thing in an ideal circle? It will be tough to fly persistently on the identical pace whereas circling.


What is Point of Interest by DJI?

How do I set it up?

How to make use of it?

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Which drones function it?

DJI Point of Interest in motion

What is DJI Point of Interest mode?

The DJI Point of Interest flight mode began with the Mavic and Phantom 4. In this clever flight mode, you choose a goal and your drone will orbit round it whereas focussing on it. Your desired radius from the goal and plane altitude will also be managed manually throughout your flight alongside pace and course of your drone within the flight and pause the perform if required.

What makes Point of Interest so highly effective is it places your DJI drone on an automatic flight path, permitting you to give attention to capturing cinematic footage and breath-taking drone photographs. It grew to become a staple of the DJI App and geared up just a few drones so far – discover out which of them

How does DJI Active Track mode work?

Before beginning the Point of Interest clever flight mode, its greatest to know the way it works. First, you will want to make use of your drone to outline your focal point by:

  1. flying above your required topic while you activate the clever flight mode.

  2. setting a radius on your flight by backing away from the topic.

  3. configuring the altitude of the drone and the title of the digital camera.

Fly above your required topic

DJI makes use of the GPS constructed into the drone to outline the focal point. When you activate focal point, the present location of your drone turns into the centre of the circle it flies round. Take your time for this necessary step because it your drone’s reference.

đź’ˇ Its greatest to maintain the digital camera pointed straight down. This will assist guarantee you’re straight above your topic and never off to the aspect as a result of the digital camera was at an angle. Use a centre level indicator to align your drone above the centre of your topic.

Activate the focal point clever flight mode

Tap on the clever flight modes button (the controller icon) and choose Point of Interest. It is the icon that an arrow flying round a mountain.

DJI Point of Interest Controller Settings

You have already flown above your required topic, so faucet “Record POI” on the backside proper of the display screen. Back your drone away out of your topic to create a radius. The minimal radius is 5m. Once you have got your altitude and radius set, you’ll be able to faucet “apply” within the backside proper of the display screen

đź’ˇ Bring your digital camera up if you are setting your radius so you may get an concept of what the shot will appear like. Also good to know, lower-altitude photographs are nice for showcasing a topic from the bottom, equivalent to for buildings, whereas higher-altitude photographs are greatest for landscapes. .

Configure your drone’s flight course and pace

After you faucet apply, your drone will robotically start to fly counter clockwise round your filming topic at 3 km per hour. You can drag the slider to the suitable to fly quicker within the counter clockwise course, or you’ll be able to drag the slider to the left to fly in a clockwise course at your outlined pace. You can pause your drone at any time whereas it’s on its flightpath by tapping the pause button. This will be useful if you happen to want a second to reframe your shot, or to forestall your drone from robotically colliding with a constructing or impediment.

Point of Interest Speed Adjustment (credit score: toms)

How to make use of DJI Point of Interest mode?

Here are 4 strategies to make your circling flight a bit of extra cinematic and the impact you are making an attempt to get out of your film.

Pull Back and Up

Start low to the bottom and near your topic, then steadily pull again and up. Your drone will seem to spiral up and away out of your topic, creating an superior reveal. When creating your video, you’ll be able to play this sequence in reverse showing as in case your drone is touchdown completely circling your topic.

Fly Up and Tilt Down

Flying up whereas tilting down will make it seem as if your drone is spiralling up and above your topic. Go as easy as attainable for one of the best outcomes.


Simply tilting your digital camera up whereas in Point of Interest mode can create a cool reveal of your topic. Try this easy transfer from a wide range of heights and see the way it appears!

The Sweeping Motion

Set a big radius on your focal point and make your altitude moderately excessive. Then regulate your pace as you see match. Perfect for exhibiting the environment of a constructing for e.g.

See under one in all our POI flights made in Cambodia (see full film right here)

What to concentrate on when utilizing DJI Point of Interest?

Drone Speed

The default pace for this mode is 3 km per hour. Now that appears sluggish however and you may be tempted to go quicker however understand that you’ll be able to at all times quick ahead whereas modifying your video. We extremely advocate preserving it sluggish whereas filming whereas keeping track of your battery degree.


If your drone is not geared up with aspect sensors, then its your job to concentrate on what round it whereas circling. Always hold your drone in sight and attempt to keep clear from any excessive obstacles equivalent to electrical poles or roofs for e.g.

Which drones have DJI Point of Interest mode?

The following drones all function DJI’s Point of Interest clever flight mode:

We hope this little intro helped you perceive a extra about this clever flight mode. If you need to study extra, try all our tutorials and change into an professional. If you are contemplating shopping for your first drone or upgrading your present one on-line, then be happy to click on on our Affiliate hyperlinks under earlier than you achieve this. We will get a small fee and can be capable of carry on powering extra free content material to you.

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